This Gym Has An Entire Room Dedicated To Butts

Everybody has their own fitness goals, but more people than ever seem to be wanting to get a perky booty. Blame the Kardashians, or blame Vogue dubbing boobs “out of style,” but asses are all the rage as of late.

But since not all of us can (or want to) get a Brazilian butt lift, we turn to the gym.

One gym in particular seems to be taking note of our desire to work on our booty hardcore, as they have an entire “butt room” in their facility, plus a class not-so-subtly called “Asset Management.”

The gym, newly opened in March, is called TMPL, and it’s owned by one of the industry’s biggest names, David Barton.

Barton has been dubbed “the man who made working out cool” by The New York Times, so it only makes sense that he took note of the booty trend and capitalized on it.

When I asked David if the butt room had anything to do with the big booty trend, he explained that he had noticed more people, particularly women, hitting the squat rack and other leg machines way more often. So much so, that people’s leg days would get disrupted because they would have to wait to use certain pieces of equipment.

With TMPL’s butt room, there are enough machines that you won’t have to work between other gym goers during leg day. In fact, there are seven places do squats alone.

But if you’re not into making your own workout routine, there are the classes, like the previously mentioned “Asset Management,” for all of your booty needs.

When I had the chance to try out the class for myself, I was equally excited as I was terrified. I hadn’t been working out as much as I normally do, and I felt out of shape. On top of that, I made the mistake of deciding to go to the gym the day before and work out my legs, resulting in me being sore before the class even started.

As I emerged from the locker room and searched for the classroom like a doe-eyed baby deer, a ridiculously fit man immediately recognized who I was (probs cuz of how lost I looked) and welcomed me into the studio for his class. He instructed that I get a step, a mat, two resistance bands, and a set of weights.

The class didn’t completely kill me, but there were definitely times where the only thing keeping me going was the fact that there were about 30 people around me doing the same thing. Oh, and the instructor’s nice-but-boot-campy calls for pushing through it. I later found out that he used to work at Disney World as Prince Charming, which explained a lot.

If you’re in NYC, I would definitely recommend checking out the crazy club-aesthetic of TMPL. If you’re not, maybe you can blame your lame gym for the reason why you don’t have a Kardashian-level booty yet.

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