Avoid Butt Stuff By Telling Your BF It’ll Break His D

In case you weren’t aware, men’s privates can totally break. They’re just like any other part of the body, even though lots of guys seem to think God himself created their D or whatever.

But how exactly can a peen break? Well there are certain positions and acts that are more likely to break them, including girl on top, reverse cowgirl, and butt stuff.

“Anal penetration can sometimes put a lot of pressure there, particularly if it’s being attempted in too rapid a way so the partner [receiving] can’t relax,” urologist Dr. Levine told Cosmopolitan. “If there’s a lot of resistance, anything that is going to increase resistance is going to put more pressure on the [D] if it’s being pushed into something.”

Yep, that thing your boyfriend really wants to try, but you’re not exactly hyped about.

You’ve tried lots of excuses telling your boyfriend why you don’t want to have it, but none of them seem to work. Even when you try to stroke his ego and explain that his D is just too big to fit.

So, what better way than to casually mention the fact that having butt stuff can make his D break?

Seriously, he might at first insist that he sees people have it all the time in adult videos, which is where you need to remind him that those people are professionals and also actors. If it always went as smoothly as it did in “Hot Schoolgirl Takes XL D In Butt,” everyone would be having it. Heck, even you’d be down to have it if it was really as easy and painless as it looks in a x-rated video.

But butt stuff isn’t exactly a walk in the park IRL. It’s painful, unpleasant, and can result in injuries in both you and the dude. Specifically for him, a broken D.

Sure, it’s kinda sad for dudes who are just trying to get some booty and end up in the ER, but it’s also wonderful for you and your quickly running out list of excuses for why you can’t have it with your boo.

Thank us later.

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