The 12 Most Questionable Things We Tried In 2016

Working at a media company is pretty chill.

You have an excuse to stalk social media all day, you get free shit from time to time, and you might get a chance to interview your fave celeb.

Unfortunately, when it comes to journalism, you sometimes have to try some things that can be fucking ridiculous, or hunger-inducing. We compiled a list of the most hilarious things we tried in 2016 so that you can look back at the trends, laugh at us, and potentially laugh at yourself for trying some of them too.

1. Doing Four Victoria’s Secret Diets for a Month

Celebs, namely Victoria’s Secret models, like to be relatable. Half of them (*cough* Bella Hadid), insist they eat junk food and still look perf, and half of them act like they eat normal until fashion show szn comes around and then they go on cray diets.

Well, unfortunately, whether they eat clean or dirty, they also have great genetics. So unless you also have a very similar genetic makeup, you’re probs not going to look like an Angel after trying their diets, even if you do it for a whole month, as we discovered.

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2. A Snail Mucus Mask

Korean beauty started popping off this year, and it still is, but they def use some questionable ingredients in their beauty products. But hey, beauty is pain gross. So we tried a snail mucus mask. And honestly it wasn’t too bad.

Read the original story here.

3. Eating Like Kim K

Did you ever stop and educate yourself about how much cheese goes into Kim Kardashian’s bodacious body? Well, if you’re kind of lactose intolerant, it might just disturb you.

Read the original story here.

4. Eating Like Bella Hadid

Remember that time when Bella Hadid claimed that she eats grilled cheese sandwiches every day? Well, according to other sources, she does this insane diet called Pure Change. It was so insane, I lost 10 pounds in a week. Oh, and no grilled cheeses were included, in case you were wondering.

Read the original story here.

5. Microneedling

Injecting a shitload of needles with blood into your face for better skin? What could possibly go wrong?

Read the original story here.

6. Justin Bieber’s Religion

The Biebs is spiritual, or possibly insane. Either way, we checked it out by attending mass at his fave creepy new-age church.

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7. The Cabbage Soup Diet

This diet is like the OG juice cleanse. And just like whatever $200 juice cleanse you’re wasting your money on, it’s not a long-term solution.

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8. Quitting Social Media

Just like unfriending all the people who don’t agree with your political views on Facebook is dumb, going on a social media cleanse probably won’t change your life either. At least, it didn’t for our writer.

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9. Casting Magic Spells To Lose Weight

LOL, as if anyone thought this was really going to work.

Read the original story here.

10. Wearing a Waist Trainer

Probably not as harmful as corsets, but also not the magical weight loss solution you’ve been waiting for. Also, they could cause permanent damage to your organs, just sayin’.

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11. 3nder

Otherwise known as the Tinder for threesomes, this obviously ended well.

Read the original story here.

12. Trying To Become Insta-Famous Via Singapore

Did you wonder why every meme account you’re following tags their pics in Singapore? Well, here’s the answer you’ve been waiting for, and we tested it ourselves.

Read the original story here.

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