Bella Hadid’s Post VS Diet Sounds Sus

Bella Hadid has gotten some flack recently about being too skinny — which she claims happened accidentally because she was eating too responsibly and going to the gym — so it’s not surprising that now she’s on a mission to prove she can eat like the rest of us non-models.

Yesterday, Bella posted a picture on Snapchat of a baby grilled cheese and a tiny amount of fries captioned, “my meal everyday.”


Honestly, it’s hard to believe.

Is Bella trying to say she eats a grilled cheese and fries everyday for lunch, or that all she eats in the course of one day is a grilled cheese and fries?

Not that it matters.

Both would probably be lies.

We already know the diet Bella supposedly follows doesn’t allow for her to be eating that kind of food on the regular, let alone eating any food that’s not vegetables or a protein shake.

What she’s probably saying is that she’s on vacation and that calories don’t count on vacation, but don’t worry because I’m obviously not counting my calories seeing as I’m eating a plate full of carbs and cheese and totally chill about it so leave me alone already.

Enjoy the rest of your vacation bb. Save some grilled cheese and fries for the rest of us.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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