Kim K Reemerges as a Sexy Christmas Alien in New Video

Kim Kardashian West’s sexiness has been described as out of this world, so in what we can only describe as a genius move, LOVE cast Kim K as a Christmas sex alien in their latest campy-ass advent video.

The video starts out with a hand, which we can either assume is Kim’s or that of the 12-year-old boy who’s presumably creating this fantasy to jerk off to, reaching into a box that used to hold Cuban cigars, but is now filled with crayons, a sharpener shaped like a cow and a Barbie doll that looks like a second-rate Instagram girl’s failed attempt to dress like Kim K’s body double.

As epic family-friendly music plays, the hand begins to scribble out a drawing of a Northern-lights filled sky, but as the drawing becomes real, the fantasy gets drowned out the sound of a woman giving the best faked orgasm of her life.

In the middle of all that moaning, a star that’s possibly a spaceship crashes down to earth, and then Kim K materializes, surrounded by wisps of smoke, dressed in nude lingerie, heels and fur, completely unconcerned about anything beyond her own sexiness.

But don’t worry, she comes in peace.

It’s the best Christmas present we never would have thought to ask for.

Watch it below and give thanks.

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