The wavy-hair extensions I’ve been waiting for & 5 other things I obsessed over in August

I have a confession to make: I have way too much shit. 

When my boyfriend moved in with me officially last month and I attempted to clear out some closet space in my one bedroom apartment, I couldn’t help but be slightly appalled at how much stuff I owned that I’d hardly worn (or used) at all.

So, I decided to go on a cleanse. Not a juice cleanse (okay, actually I did one of those too), but on a shopping cleanse. I decided I’m not going to buy any clothing, shoes, or jewelry until I move into a new, larger apartment. 

But of course, rules are made to be broken, and just because I’m on a retail-detox doesn’t mean you have to be. Here are some of my favorite things of the summer—including hair extensions that changed my life, animal-print activewear, and glutton-worthy gluten-free bread. 

1. The wavy-hair extensions I’ve been waiting my whole life for 


Insert Name Here “Chloe,” $119 in shade “Mixed Brown” (wearing one weft)

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with my hair all of my life. Once I finally accepted that curls could be cool, the damage of all the years of straightening left my hair thin and shorter than I’d have liked it to be. In the past few years, I hopped on the hair extensions/clip-on ponytail bandwagon and I couldn’t believe I’d gone my whole life without them. 

I feel so much more confident with a little more length or volume, not to mention that a ponytail extension is a great way to derail a wash day and fix a bad hair day in seconds. But, I had yet to find a pair of extensions that matched my natural hair texture. So, if I wanted to wear extensions, I typically had to straighten my hair to match with my clip-ins. 

I knew that one day a company would make hair extensions that matched my texture, and that day was July 22nd, 2021. Insert Name Here, one of my favorite hair brands, launched their Chloe, a set of curly clip-in extensions with a small curly wrap-around ponytail for half-up styles. 

While I personally find the half-ponytail to be a bit extra for everyday wear, I am absolutely in love with the clip-ins, mostly because they match near perfect with my natural hair. I can literally air-dry my hair, quickly comb a part line up top, and clip in one weft of extensions for a natural look that adds a little volume and length to my natural hair. If you have a similar hair texture to mine, they will change your life.


2. Workout wear that’s as wild as you

LiCi Fit Lemon Bite Bra and Shorts, $45 each  

I don’t know about you, but after a year of buying only comfy stuff/activewear, I feel like my leggings drawer is about to burst open. That being said, I can always make some room for something bright and animal-print, especially if it comes in shorts (perfect for hot summer hikes). 

Lici Fit—worn by Kylie Jenner, Vanessa Hudgens, and Gabrielle Union—isn’t afraid to be a lil’ wild. While I’m not in love with the fit of this set (IMO it could be more flattering and made with higher quality fabric), the unique colorway and print makes up for it. Also, my boyfriend thinks this set makes me look like a thick banana milkshake, so maybe your girlfriend will think this set makes you look hotter than the snake draped around Britney Spears at her iconic VMA performance. If yellow snakeskin isn’t your jam, they have tons of other psychedelic prints and sexy sports bras. 


3. Gluten-free bread that won’t make you sad

An assortment of Breadblok goodies

While gluten-free goods have come a long way in the last ten years, it seems like every time I order gluten-free bread at a restaurant, it seems a little sadder and less tasty than if I had just said “fuck it” and rawdogged some gluten. Same goes for grocery stores. Udi’s is good and all, but it’s no brioche bun or fresh baguette.

But the GF celebrities have been keeping a secret, and that secret is Breadblok. The Santa Monica-based bakery takes its founder’s French roots and makes products that are fully gluten-free without sacrificing any flavor. I had a chance to try some of their breads the other day, and I was incredibly impressed. 

You can visit their bakery for a dine-in experience, or order their products— including croissants, crackers, granola, and my personal favorite, the Chestnut Sourdough—that ship nationwide. 


4. Sustainable swimsuits that are classic and cool

Kotomi Swim Tamson Top and Bottom in “Forest”, $65 each 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: trendy swimsuits are cool, but I swear by a classic triangle silhouette for the most flattering look on my body type. 

My recent favorite: a forest green, ribbed triangle two piece from Kotomi Swim. It’s super soft, flattering, and encapsulates the color of the season (yes, green is having a moment). 

The consciously created, sustainable brand offers swimwear and activewear in rich colors and fun prints. If you like a little boost for your boobs, they’ve also got cute tops with underwire. 


5. A standing desk to complete your WFH set-up 

Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk, $699

I know I’m not the only one who seriously upgraded my home-office* (*desk in the corner of my living room) in the last year. But, I still have work to do (again, most of this work will happen in my new apartment). 

If you do too, you might want to check out this standing desk from FlexiSpot.

Standing desks have been shown to offer a slew of benefits for those who typically spend all day on their butt in an office-chair. This one in particular is super easy to set up (I was able to build it in about an hour) and use (the height adjusts automatically with the buttons on the side panel). 

It comes in a few color options, and you can choose if you want a rectangle or curved edge. Plus, bamboo wood has twice the durability of regular wood—so it’ll be more likely to withstand your frustration after a particularly grueling Zoom meeting. 


6. A jewelry line that’s giving luxe punk rock princess

ARSN The Label “Choke On All That Sh*t You Talked” Necklace, $85

ARSN the label, like many artistic projects, partially was inspired by past toxic relationships. The jewelry label’s founders, queer couple Shay Ericksen and Kaila Rhubright, wanted to create a line that screamed, I am mine, before I am anyones elses.”

Their designs take inspiration from both the feminine and delicate side, and the more masculine, heavy-metal side. My current favorite piece: a chunky silver chain with a 18k gold plated lock in the center, called “Choke On All That Sh*t You Talked.”

As someone who owns a few different pieces with padlocks, I love that this necklace doesn’t require you to take off the padlock in order to put the necklace on (one side of the lock is retractable) so that there’s no fear I’ll lose a key (or the lock). This might sound confusing, but I have a belt with a padlock on it that requires an actual key to open the belt, and once I literally locked myself in my pants. Anyway…


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