The Hair Trend That Broke The Internet

Changing up your look just got easier!

It’s easier to say you’re going to get a complete hair makeover than to actually do it. Change is good, but it can be scary. After all, cutting your hair means you’re committing to a new style, length, or color, and sometimes, people change their minds. The best hairstyles are the ones that DON’T include:

  • Taking forever to get ready 
  • Pricey coloring/bleach sessions
  • Those haircut #regrets
  • Fake-looking hair (all-natural look, please!)

This is where Insert Name Here Hair (INH Hair) comes in. Oh, you know…the famous hair brand that’s literally all over Instagram! Their products have been featured in Allure’s “Top Summer Beauty Products” in July and August, and Elle’s “8 Best Hair Extensions Brands”, amongst other platforms.


INH has a ton of styles and color options so it can be a little much for someone who is just starting to explore the world of ponytail extensions. Fear not! There are roughly 10,000+ 5 star reviews on INH’s products so that you can read firsthand what customers are loving about these ponies. Two of INH’s best-sellers, Miya and Shayla, offer beginners a taste of luxury with easy application and everyday wearability. Ponytail extensions provide the perfect solution for all your hair problems. They are extremely versatile and can be worn as high or low ponies, or even as cute pigtails!

Shayla in Black Brown @ itstaniatorres
Miya in platinum @darien.jae

Whether it’s for a 10-minute selfie session or a 9-5 work day, these ponies can be expected to stay in place and worn for hours without any hassle. They are super secure so you never have to worry about it coming apart or moving on your head. Some of the reviews online even boast that sometimes users forget that they are wearing extensions (even when they’re wearing them all day!) because of how comfortable they are.

How? Easy! 

No one wants to add even more time to their morning routines. Luckily, Insert Name Here Hair’s ponytail extensions take just seconds to apply! In 3 easy steps, you too, can achieve your salon ready #hairgoals.

  1. Put it Up
    Tie your natural hair into a ponytail or a bun using a strong hair tie (you can even use multiple), the tighter the better. If you have longer hair, it is recommended that you utilize the bun method, as it will hide your hair better.
  2. Combin’ Through
    The INH pony has a little comb section to help secure it. Simply insert the comb upwards into the hair tie or the base of your bun.
  3. Secure the Goods
    After wrapping the loose velcro strand piece tightly around the base of your bun, you then secure it with bobby pins to keep it in place. Bonus: INH provides two pins with every pony!

The end result is an extremely secure pony that doesn’t slip or fall out. The best part is that it’s so natural looking that everyone will think it’s real!

Above and Beyond

Why people have chosen Insert Name Here Hair and why you should choose it too!

  • Affordability

If you do research on ponytail extensions on the web, it is apparent that most are overpriced. Insert Name Here Hair’s products help people look good without breaking the bank. 

  • Quality

While shopping for extensions, you either have to sacrifice price for quality or quality for price. With INH, there are no compromises. Even though the ponies are synthetic, they’re made of Japanese fibers so they’re premium quality and can even be heat styled! They look and feel real, and the shape of the hair always stays intact no matter what.

  • Easy Care + Application

It’s extremely quick and easy to put on. Because of the high quality of the ponies, it is safe to wash and store away. This means a longer shelf life and more time for you to look and feel FABULOUS. Think about it: easy and consistent maintenance makes your pony last longer! BONUS: INH includes complimentary reusable storage bags with every hair purchase to make storing your extensions extra convenient. 

  • QuadPay

INH also respects your budget. With popular new releases in such cute styles and colors, there’s always a chance of your perfect ponies selling out. This is the reason why the company utilizes QuadPay. This feature breaks your payments up into four smaller installments so that you can pay monthly while still getting the pony you want ASAP.

Miya in dark brown @magda.mysz

Your Turn!

If you’re reading this as a last push before buying an INH pony…take this as a sign! These ponies give you the salon look without the cost or the time. No more committing to hair cuts and colors because with these ponies, you can try them all! With such quick and easy application, your future self will appreciate the extra time to get ready in the mornings. 
While Miya and Shayla are perfect to start with, you’ll soon find yourself browsing the amazing collection of different pony types. There’s definitely a pony for any type of occasion in your life. You can even DM their Instagram color experts to get color-matched if you’re unsure of your perfect shade. So what are you waiting for? They’re going to sell out!

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