Kylie Jenner is named Forbes’s “Self-Made Woman” and the internet is pissed

Kylie Jenner is about to be the youngest female billionaire, which is undeniably awesome and a huge feat. But, last week, Forbes had the star on their cover and used the term “self-made billionaire,” which seems pretty off-base. 

Forbes’s newest cover girl has grown a 900 million dollar cosmetic company in less than 3 years. She has also had her own TV show, has modeled for numerous campaigns, created her own clothing line, and co-wrote a book – all the while being a new mother. At the age of 20, she has accumulated the title of the fourth richest Self-Made Woman in America.

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It’s safe to say she has a very promising future ahead, yet the Internet, with good reason, seems to be very stuck on Forbes using the term “self-made.” Twitter and Instagram have been buzzing with opinions about if Jenner truly deserved the title. Since Kylie has been apart of the public eye from a young age, was born into a successful and wealthy family, and had many to help her along the way, people don’t agree that she was really self-made at all.

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The most vapid part of it all is that fans created a donation page to give Kylie money to complete her billionaire status, rather than donating to causes or people in need. It’s definitely concerning that someone so young could be so rich and seem to do so little for larger causes, especially at a time like this (hello, RAICES).

There’s also a big discussion about the actual definition of “self-made.” See here:

Many of Kylie’s fans are defending and supporting her, saying she could’ve very well sat on her bed of wealth and done nothing to grow the money that she has amassed today.

Whatever your opinion may stand on the controversy, you’ve got to admit it’s pretty badass to be a 20-year-old almost billionaire on Forbes. Let’s just hope that donation money goes to something more meaningful, and that Kylie continues to stunt.

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