Pros Reveal 6 Ways You’re Accidentally Ruining Your Hair

You can fuck up a lot of things, but when you fuck up your hair, you’re really paying the price for months afterwards. The more educated you are about how to have healthy hair and/or not go bald, the less damage-control you’ll have to do later.

Take it from these celebrity hair stylists on what not to do with your mane. Are you making any of these crucial mistakes?

1. Blow Drying Your Hair The Wrong Way

Did you know that there’s a wrong way to blow dry your hair? Well, now you do.

“Don’t dry your hair-sections with the hair dryer pointing upward on the strands, you will create dull, frizzy hair. Point downward to keep the cuticle closed and smooth,” says Melissa Peverini, Melania Trump‘s stylist.

2. Not Reading Product Labels 

If you read the ingredients list on your protein bar, you should def be reading the list on your hair products.

“I hate when people don’t read the ingredients that go into shampoos,” says Laini Reeves, stylist to Emily Blunt. “There are a lot of shampoos that have harmful ingredients in them that are not only awful for your hair, but for your body.”

3. Wearing a Ponytail Every Damn Day

A slicked back high ponytail is chic, broken ends and bald spots are not.

“Don’t do slick backed tight ponytails all the time,” says Brian O’Connor, Hayley Williams’ stylist. “This tends to create stress points around your hair line causing breakage and giving you those frustrating fly away baby hairs that annoy us when styling. Instead try doing a low loose ponytail instead.”

4. Not Pre-Gaming Your Shower With a Brush

Common practice is to comb your hair after showering/washing it, but you should actually be doing the opposite.

“Don’t get in the shower without brushing your hair,” says Melissa Peverini. “Your products will not distribute evenly and can leave your hair a tangled mess. Try a brush specifically for detangling such as Cricket Co. Ultra Smooth Detangling Brush.”

5. Washing Your Hair Too Much

If you’re up on beauty news, you know not to wash your hair every day, or even every other day. You also probably know that your fave celebs go long af without washing their hair. Rihanna’s stylist, Yusef, reinforces this statement.

“Don’t wash your hair every day,” says Yusef. “This can strip your hair of its natural nutrients and oils, and when you do shampoo I always recommend using a moisturizing shampoo with natural ingredients like MOP’s C-System Hydrating Shampoo, which smells amazing.”

6. Trying To DIY A Leave-In Conditioner

Unlike shampoo, conditioner can work wonders, but if you want a leave-in treatment, buy a leave-in treatment.

“Don’t leave your rinse-out conditioner in for long hours as a treatment,” says Peverini. “Some contain proteins that can do more harm than good, making hair weaker and frizzier; throwing off the moisture balance.”

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