Nina Agdal, Hot Genius, Puts Protein in Her Coffee

I don’t know about you, but the idea of drinking a protein shake gives me the shivers.

In my mind, protein shakes are for serious people who see fitness as a lifestyle, and not just something you have to do or you wouldn’t be able to fit into any of your clothes.

But do you know what doesn’t give me the shivers? Literally anything that’s Victoria Secret model-approved.

I’m not joking. I once willingly ate a food called “groats” because a VS model said it was a part of her diet. And you wanna know what? They were delicious.

So when I found out that VS model Nina Agdal was stumping for this new protein shake with AS MUCH CAFFEINE AS COFFEE, I couldn’t even help my brain from thinking, “hmmm, maybe everything I’ve ever thought was a lie.”

Spent my morning in the ring with @MuscleMilk @BoxingNapoleon 🏆💪🏼 #StrongerEveryday

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Nina’s new thing is apparently drinking Muscle Milk Coffee House shakes after a workout, which get this, not only reduces fatigue, but also provides hunger satisfaction and builds and repairs lean muscle!!

Who doesn’t want more lean muscle in their lives?!

Honestly, I don’t know if it’s the brainwashing talking, but it actually sounds delicious — and look at how happy it makes her!!!


Nina, thank you for telling me about your new, guilt-free obsession, now if you could just tell me whether the rumors about Leo vaping and wearing noise-canceling headphones during sex so he can orgasm to MGMT’s “Electric Feel” in peace are true, I could literally die happy.

Just think about it.

I’ll be here.

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