10 Summer Internships That Actually Pay a Lot

There comes a time in every teen’s life where it’s time to say goodbye to your local minimum-wage mall gig and say hello to a “real” job.

Well, not totally a real job, but an internship, at least.

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The only problem is, more and more companies are offering unpaid internships with the promise of an “invaluable experience” instead.


This is problematic for a million reasons, including the fact that people who work unpaid internships have been found to make less down the road than people who didn’t work an unpaid internship. So, if you’re not trying to get sucked into that cycle, maybe you should go the other route and apply for internships that’ll pay you a buttload more than scooping ice cream.

Glassdoor released data showing the most highly paid summer internships, unfortunately many of them are at super competitive companies. But hey, you’re a smart bitch, you got this.

If you’re already way past the internship stage and reading this, grab a tissue.

1. Facebook

Median monthly pay: $8,000

If you can get over the fact that Facebook is no longer the “cool” social media of choice, you can score a job at the place that offers the highest paying internships in the US of A!

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2. Microsoft

Median monthly pay: $7,100

Microsoft seems to slowly be gaining on Apple in terms of being the tech company on top, and maybe this has something to do with the fact that they pay their interns more?

3. ExxonMobil

Median monthly pay: $6,507

Okay, this might not be the most eco-friendly job, but if the world is going to burn might as well ball out before it implodes!

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4. Salesforce

Median monthly pay: $6,450

Never heard of Salesforce? I hadn’t either, but according to Google it’s a “cloud computing company” that’s naturally headquartered in San Francisco.

5. Amazon

Median monthly pay: $6,400

We’re sure it’s difficult to get a job at Amazon, but I mean, with this salary and the potential for employee discounts, it seems well worth jumping through the hoops.

6. Apple

Median monthly pay: $6,400

Not too far behind Microsoft, Apple still makes sure their interns can well afford the latest iPhone.

7. Bloomberg

Median monthly pay: $6,400

This is surprising, because all the other companies on this list are in tech, and Bloomberg is a media outlet, which are typically low paying. However, if you take a gander at their internship positions, you’ll see that only one of them seems writing-focused, which explains the median pay rate being so high.

8. Yelp

Median monthly pay: $6,400

This sounds lit to me, but maybe only because I’m obsessed with food. Unfortunately, I’m sure the internship has a lot more to do with coding and tech stuff than making sure restaurant ratings are accurate.

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9. Yahoo

Median monthly pay: $6,080

Having a Yahoo email address in 2017 is def worth a $6,000 paycheck each month.

10. VMware

Median monthly pay: $6,080

Rounding out the list is another cloud company that’s a subsidiary of Dell. In case you were wondering, Google was number 11.

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