Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Are Now Wearing Matching Outfits in Australia

Yesterday, T Swift took her “I’m With Tom Hiddleston Now” rebound tour all the way across the world, to the land down under, better known as Sydney, Australia, where their relationship continues to blossom — in the most boring way possible.

Namely: their matching “we’ve been married for 10 years and could not possibly be bothered to try to look interesting anymore” his and her style.

Exhibit A

Note the blue zip-up Polo jacket on Tom and the mini gingham dress on Taylor, accessorized with a pair of cut-out, wannabe sandal shoes and a simple gold necklace.

Exhibit B

Note the same Louis Vuitton bag all the preppy basic girls in high school begged their parents to buy for them on Taylor Swift’s arm, and the casual blue fleece she threw on over her dress that just so happens to perfectly match her new boyfriend’s jacket?

A fleece, T Swift?

Really, girl?

Did Anna Wintour teach you nothing?

Is that the real reason why you and Tom are traversing the globe non-stop? Are you just afraid that if you stay in one place for too long that Anna will find you and guilt you into dying your hair platinum blonde again and dressing like a mall goth?

They say falling in love can change a girl, and in this case, it looks like Taylor Swift is turning back into the basic she started out as.

Oh well, at least she looks like she’s gotten a good tan in.

[H/T Us]

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