Taylor Swift Is Reportedly Super Pissed About Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ Video

While most of the world went crazy in a good way on Friday night when Kanye West dropped his very NSFW music video for “Famous,” one celebrity in particular was not amused: Taylor Swift.

In fact, Taylor Swift is reportedly super pissed about it.

Shocking, right?

“Taylor is livid. Taylor is horrified [by the “Famous” music video],” a source for Hollywood Life confides. “She is bewildered, feels betrayed and is beyond frustrated with Kanye. It is a complete nightmare. Taylor is pissed to say the least!”

TBH, if Kanye didn’t ask Taylor’s permission before he used a tits out wax figure of her likeness for a very public music video, she has every reason to be “livid” and “beyond frustrated,” but then again, maybe this all could have been avoided if she’d never publicly lied about giving Kanye permission to use her name in “Famous” from the beginning.

Luckily for Kanye, not every celebrity in the music video is as pissed as Taylor.

Reps from Bill Cosby, Anna Wintour and Caitlyn Jenner have yet to make a comment on the video, although an aide for former president Bush made sure to tell Us Weekly, “That’s not him.”

Meanwhile, fuckboy extraordinaire Chris Brown is actually all about the music video, although he does wish that his butt crack didn’t have to be showing.

“Why I gotta have the plumber butt/crack showing WAX figure? This n*gga Kanye CRAZY, talented, but crazy.”

And allegedly every single famous friend Kanye had shown the video to before Friday was lime green jell-o they weren’t in the bed, which just goes to show that one celebrity’s tragedy is another celebrity’s #goals.  

[H/T Hollywood Life]

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