Taylor Swift Shares 25 Weird Facts About Herself Because She’s Normal, Okay?

Recently, Taylor Swift sat down with Us Weekly to share 25 things nobody knows about her. And in true Taylor Swift fashion, we learned almost nothing about her actual personality besides the fact that she might actually be a robot.

They range from weird:

16. I love sushi but I usually ask for soy paper instead of seaweed paper because once I ate actual seaweed at the beach as a child, and it left a lasting bad impression.

To very weird:

10. I can’t watch Pocahontas without crying.

To okay maybe Taylor’s kind of insane:

5. I talk to my mom on the phone roughly three times a day.

To wait, yeah she’s def insane:

20. When I was in high school, I used to give my friends Mace for their key chains so they could defend themselves if they needed to.

To nevermind, everything’s cool and Taylor is still totally sane: 

22. I used to have a pug named Nelly. It was named that because I really liked the rapper Nelly. When I performed with Nelly on my tour, I did not tell him this.

Oh, Taylor. Keep being you, girl.


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