Tangina Stone’s voice will have you feelin some typa way

Sometimes when you’re having a day, there’s that one song you just wanna sit and listen to. And Tangina Stone is our new fave go-to when it comes to finding a musical mood remedy.

Stone was born in Canton, Ohio, and made her way out to Brooklyn when she was 18.

“I came to New York because the artists I’ve been most inspired by have spent a significant amount of time here. Being in Canton inspired me to rise, and just to be the best I can be. Not many people make it out of my hometown,” she said.

When Tangina moved here, she thought she had it all figured out, but things turned out way different.

“I put so many expectations on what my life would be like, and it’s gone totally different than what I expected,” she said. “I think the only expectation you should have in life, whatever those expectations are — they’re going to change. Change is a necessity and a part of your growth.”

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Not only is Tangina wise beyond her years, but she’s also a fucking badass.

In her upcoming album “Elevate,” she was inspired by the phrase “elevation requires separation.”  She is able to separate herself from the the bad habits, people, traumatic or painful experiences she has been through and make beautiful music out of them.

“If I’m feeling terrible about something, and I want to write about that, I try to make it relatable so other people can experience it and grow with me,” she said.

Tangina Stone takes a lot of inspiration from the relationships and important women in her life.

“Whether it’s my mother, my grandma, my great grandmother or my partner, the women around me give me life, and I’m reborn because of their strength every day,” she said. “My grandma always told me that no one you love or care about is worth sacrificing your personal peace. Relationships that are healthy should always be based in peace. If they’re not contributing to your self-love or happiness, then they shouldn’t be in your life,” and she is damn right about that.

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I asked Tangina what her favorite emoji was, and I wasn’t surprised when the one she chose had a much deeper meaning. “The rose is one of my favorite ones, I put flowers next to my friend’s names in my phone. I’m always trying to give flowers to the women. The rose for me is representative of who I am. I know its a cliche, but they say a rose can grow from concrete, which is very relatable to my life.”

If you wanna be blessed by Tangina’s strong and sultry music, you can check out her SoundCloud.

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