Kasai’s 90s style perfectly matches her throwback R&B sound

There’s a UK-based artist establishing her place in the music scene, and her name is Elise Kasai.

She goes by Kasai, and if you’re gonna say her name, you better say it right, so say it like this: “Kah-Sigh.”

Kasai is poppin’ on Instagram, and you can find her at @elisekasai, as well as on Twitter. Not only is she talented musically, she can model like no other. Her cool girl vibe is caught on camera with her effortless smizes, messy hair, and ‘90s style. She’s literally goals.

Still, Kasai doesn’t consider herself that great at social media. After going to LA to record, she came back to London and released a rough demo on Soundcloud that people seemed to love. It caught on and “ended up doing more than [she] ever intended it to do and attracted a new following.”

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Take notes, musicians in the making!

Hana Zebzabi

Growing up, Kasai was always a “cheerful and cheeky girl.” When she was younger, her nursery school teacher would write in her school reports that she would spend a lot of time by herself singing and drawing in the corner. Sounds like the making of a future artist.

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Her parents raised her in a household full of music, so imagine a baby Kasai rockin’ out to her daddy’s rock ’n roll and her mama’s gospel music. She had the best of both worlds. With her mom singing and playing guitar with the family growing up and her dad bringing in the rock ’n roll music, Kasai and her two brothers have found their way towards being around music in their careers.

Her parents were supportive, Kasai said, even though other members of her family wanted them to go into more academic careers.

Hana Zebzabi

Kasai’s background of growing up in West London and then moving to South London has influenced a lot of her music. She says her music is either “story telling or poetical” and she writes most of her music in London, so a lot of what she sings about is from home. What’s special, though, is that “a lot of stuff is from [her] journal that [she] kept as a child.”

Through her music, Kasai tries to spread messages deeper than just catchy tunes.

“With my music, I hope to express anything I have ever lacked guidance in and what I have learnt through my own experiences,” she said.

These messages range from promoting self-love to how to enjoy life while working hard. These are words from a true boss babe who knows how to have her shit together and be a sweetheart while doing it.

Hana Zebzabi

Kasai makes music for “all to enjoy.” It doesn’t just speak to the goth babes or the pop divas. It’s for everyone.

“I grew up listening to such a broad span of music with an open mind,” she told Galore. “I’m hoping my listeners will share the same mindset.”

Her style icons range from Andy Warhol to pop princess, Aaliyah. These two angels have been away for a while now, but Kasai channels them through her throwback vibe. Her favorite eras of music have been from ‘70s punk to ‘90s R&B, and she considers hers own music and clothing style to be inspired by the ‘70s and 2000s.

While most of her daily outfits are simplistic, she loves being daring every once in a while. Her thing is that she “accentuates [her] femininity when [she] feels like it.”

Hana Zebzabi

Kasai’s taste in music is pretty eclectic, but isn’t that necessary for any great artist? Some of her favorites range from chillwave producer, Toro y Moi, to iconic soul singer, Sade, and even goes as far as Coldplay.

Even though she has such a love for throwback music, Kasai still rocks to what music is becoming in 2017. While true, 2017 has been scary ever since the recent terror attacks and of course, Trump being president, Kasai says the music gives her “feel good and positive vibes.” Music is always our savior, am I right?

Hana Zebzabi

It’s pretty clear that Kasai is a sweetheart with a lot of talent. Her motto in life is, “What’s meant to be will be.” What a good way to stay positive and chilled out even when life gets rough.

Photographer: Hana Zebzabi



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