What Taken Girls Miss The Most About Being Single

When it comes to your love life, the grass is always greener on the other side.

Single girls occasionally wish they had someone to cuddle up with at night when they don’t want to hit the club, and taken girls randomly have cravings for that exciting first-kiss moment with a rando, or just the freedom to do whatever the F they want. Or, simply the desire to sleep alone, ya feel me?

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In fact, in honor of anti-cuffing season being in full swing, why not celebrate all the shit that single girls can do that taken girls wish they could do?

We found a Reddit thread where taken girls confessed what they missed the most about being single, and it’ll make every single girl appreciate her independence.

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1. Not Being Groped Every Two Seconds

“Sometimes I would like to get dressed without being felt up,” said Reddit user ambertheginger. “It can be fun, but not every time.”

In the beginning of a relationship, it feels awesome that your bae can’t keep his hands off of you. When you’re getting ready for work in the morning and it takes an extra five minutes because someone’s hands are in the way? Not as awesome.

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2. Solo Time

“More free/alone time,” said Reddit user fartingxfarts. “Cuz relationships require time.”

And who has time these days, really?

3. And Solo Places To Be Solo

“Having an apartment to myself,” said Reddit user starfish-and-coffee. “Don’t get me wrong, I love him more than anything, but whenever he’s away for work I kind of revel in being able to just have some total me-time for a couple of days.”

It doesn’t matter if it’s the love of your life, people get annoying when you spend too much time with them!

4. Not Having To Answer To Anyone

“I didn’t have to consider my SO: if I wanted to do something, I did it,” said Reddit user ashmagic487.

This is arguably the major one that every taken girl can relate to. It’s so nice to not have to answer to anyone once you move out of your parents’ house, and getting in a relationship feels like having another parental unit sometimes.

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5. Charming The Boys on Tinder

“Yes, I am a very good flirt and I miss sending witty Tinder banter,” said Reddit user Better_Bit. “Somehow it is not as funny when you know how they’ll react.”

Sometimes it’s not even the excitement of making out with somebody new, it’s the excitement of talking to somebody new, even if you know nothing’s going to happen.

6. Not Having To Play Good-Girl For His Fam

“Personal space, not having to meal plan, and not having to deal with his family,” said Reddit user todayonbloopers

Ugh. Dealing with the fam is a major one. With your own relatives, you can kind of be an ass to them, or at least keep to yourself. With bae’s fam, you have to act like a peppy, happy-go-lucky virgin, and it takes a toll on your sanity!

7. Eating Like a College Student

“I miss just grazing for meals,” said Reddit user canadian_maplesyrup. “My husband prefers sit down meals, and we make an effort to turn off the TV, sit at the table, and interact with one another. But when I lived by myself, I would come home from work have a yogurt, then an hour later maybe some veggies and hummus, or a hard boiled egg. I’d just nibble and snack for my evening meal. I look forward to Wednesday nights when he’s got a commitment, no cooking, just grazing. Tonight I will have a yogurt, popcorn and a slice of cheese for dinner!”

This is so random, but also so relatable. Having to plan meals with someone else can be kinda annoying if you’re not on the same page, especially because so many guys aren’t health-conscious in the slightest.

8. Being a Slobby Sad BB

“I miss having a crummy day and not having it negatively impact anyone else,” said Reddit user JennyReason. “If I decide to just leave out all my dirty dishes and not shower and skip my chores because I feel bad, it now inconveniences my spouse, who has to live with that, instead of just me. It makes it harder to let myself off the hook for things on occasion.”

I’m assuming this girl lived alone prior to being married, or was the worst roommate ever. Either way, it does suck when you can’t just sulk without someone trying (and failing) to cheer you up or constantly asking, “what’s wrong?”

9. Starfishing In Bed

“Having the bed to myself,” said Reddit user MadamMoi. “Oh, if I could get my husband to agree to separate beds, life would be bliss!”

Having separate beds doesn’t mean a couple is having troubles, it just means one probably likes cuddling and one hates it.

10. Being a Wanderer

“If anything, maybe I miss the feeling of ‘I can move anywhere at any time,'” said Reddit user hellomarvelousthings. “If I wanted to move, I’d want to include him in that decision tbh.”

This is the worst. It’s like, even if you don’t want to/have to include him in the decision, you do it anyway because you love them. Love’s a bitch sometimes.

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