T Swift Tried to Throw Turnt Party, Ended Up Growing Kale With Her Parents

In an effort to get people to like her again, T Swift has found herself resorting to increasingly desperate measures.

First, she tried posting cute cat videos, next she moved on to walking like a crab, then she tried to actually turn back time by wearing her hair in curls again, and now she’s taking it even further and reverting back to a time when her idea of a turnt party was growing vegetables with her parents.

You know, that golden time where nobody hated her yet because nobody knew who the fuck she was.


On Thursday, T Swift posted a video on Instagram of a super turnt “garden party” she was having with her parents.

“Doing some major gardening. This is what we used to do, back on the farm. Except not with kale.”

At the risk of speaking for everybody, I have to say that this was probably a step too far, Tay Tay.

The curly hair was enough.

Plz stop now before you try and climb back into your mother’s womb, or something.

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