T Swift Breaks Social Media Silence to Post Cat Video So You’ll Like Her Again

Taylor Swift has been pretty silent on social media these days, after being publicly outed as a liar on Snapchat by Kim Kardashian.

Which makes sense.

People kind of hate her.

Even my boyfriend’s sister, who’s a die-hard T Swift fan has admitted that “Taylor really fucked up this time.”

But don’t worry, because T Swift has a plan to win back our affection.

Cat videos.

Last night she took advantage of this whole Instagram stealing from Snapchat thing (maybe because Instagram was paying her, maybe not, who’s to say), and posted a video to her Instagram Story of one of her cats standing up like a squirrel.

It breaks my heart to be the one to tell you, but it’s actually pretty adorable.

Will this be enough to make you forgive Taylor for making Kanye look like an asshole?
How about if she posted five more that were equally adorable?
What if she broke up with Tom so she had more time to dedicate to her cute cat videos?

Speak now guys, because T Swift needs to know EXACTLY what it’ll take to make you like her again.

Her career rehabilitation is depending on it.


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