Why we’re switching all our group calls from FaceTime to Facebook Messenger

The concept of a group video call is pretty new, but Facebook Messenger is already slaying the game.

Messenger just announced a bunch of new features for their group video chat function that will make your calls with the clique sooooo much freakin easier — and more fun.

You can now add masks, filters, and special effects similar to those hearts that float across the screen when you watch a Facebook Live broadcast.

How does this make things easier? Well, it means you and your besties don’t all have to talk over each other, for one thing. If one of your friends says something asinine, like “Let’s skip the pregame and just meet at the club,” you can just hit her with a sea of angry-face emojis instead of everyone jumping down her throat at once.

There are also love, laughter, surprise and sadness reactions you can use. These are especially useful if you are too hungover to express yourself through words.

These new features also make it way easier to conceal your bad-face-day, cuz now you can use a pretty filter during a group chat just like you can in Messenger’s regular video chat.

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You can also take screenshots of the chat and save them for fun memories or some low-key blackmail down the road:

There’s also a live preview function, so you can check how the filter looks on you before unveiling it to the entire group chat. And we don’t even know all the functions of the filters yet — you can figure them all out by testing them yourself. We do know two things, though: opening your mouth in the rabbit mask will cause carrots to fly everywhere, and the flower crown mask is perfect for making fun of your little sister when she won’t stop bragging about Coachella for the 900th time in a row.

Give it a shot and see if you  can get any fuckboys to use the cry emoji before the weekend hits.

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