Facebook Messenger is letting people video chat with masks

Video chatting is a blessing and a curse. It’s great for feeling like you’re actually hanging out with your friends and fam. But if you’re not feeling your lewk, you might dread it.

Thankfully, now if you don’t feel like showing the world your real face via video chat, you can just talk through Facebook Messenger and keep a freaking bunny mask on the entire time!

Facebook Messenger is letting people use masks while video chatting. That means in addition to sending people pics of yourself with an animal filter, you can also literally carry on an entire conversation in real time while wearing one.

Technology, man!

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It’s pretty cool that Facebook Messenger is pioneering this, and not Instagram or Snapchat. We demoed it in the Galore office this morning (results above) and we have to say, it was a real treat.

There are so many ways to use this function — you can confuse your grandparents! you can goof around with your friends! — but the best one is that you can actually make yourself look, like, 10 times hotter for the duration of a phone call using this function.

Let’s say you’re video chatting with a long-distance bae, but you’re not looking your best. All you have to do is slap on Facebook Messenger’s flower crown mask and suddenly you’re a beauty queen! Genius.

The most popular Facebook mask, by the way, is the bunny eating a carrot, which basically made us pee our pants laughing this morning while we tried it out. There’s also a brand new multi-person mask you can find in the video chat function so it’s fun for the whole fam.

Go forth with knowledge of this function and use it wisely.

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