Study: McDonald’s Is Lower in Calories Than Your Fav ‘Fancy’ Food Chain

Look at you with your Chipotle salad, going for the guac and feeling sooooo smug that you went for the healthy option instead of McDonald’s!

Well, guess what? Your favorite Chipotle order probably has more calories than a typical McDonald’s meal. Sucks to suck, right?

A new study shows that the average “fast-casual” (i.e. fakely healthy chain restaurant like Chipotle or Panera) meal has about 200 more calories than the average fast-food (i.e. McDonald’s or Burger King) restaurant, according to Reuters Health.

So the bad news is that Chipotle and Panera and Boston Market aren’t necessarily the healthier options you thought they were. But the good news is that McDonald’s, while still horrible for you, isn’t necessarily the worst place you could be eating. Plus, it’s way cheaper than those “fast casual” places anyway.

This weekend, when you inevitably wake up at 12:30 p.m. next to a half-empty (or half-full!) bag of fries, take solace in the fact that you save money and might have even saved calories with your seemingly poor choice. Yay, America!

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