Sofia Richie Is Starting a Squad of Girls Who’ve Been Spotted With Bieber

Everybody knows Sofia Richie had some form of romantic relationship with Justin Bieber this summer, but now that they’re dunzo, she’s starting a squad of girls who all have one thing in common: they’ve been romantically linked to Justin Bieber.

Basically, she’s living out the plot of “John Tucker Must Die” IRL, only without the whole killing the boy part.

During her recent Complex interview, Sofia Richie was joined by Bronte Blampied, who was spotted “hanging out” in London with Justin while he was allegedly dating Sofia.

Surprisingly, Sofia and Bronte aren’t just friends now, they’re BEST friends. Like the kind who say I love you to each other, hold hands and watch Bible studies together.

“A lot of people say they know me and my life, but no one really does. Except for, like, my family and Bronte,” Sofia told Complex adding, “Honestly, Bronte and I just love each other.”

Me and a cute germ I found @sofiarichie

A photo posted by Bronte Blampied Wild (@bronteblampied_) on

@chloebartoli @bronteblampied_

A photo posted by Sofia Richie (@sofiarichie) on

And Sofia is also besties with Nicola Peltz, who was spotted going on a date with Bieber back in May.

Game night gettin weird💕 @nicolaannepeltz

A photo posted by Sofia Richie (@sofiarichie) on

Oh how I luv u @nicolaannepeltz

A photo posted by Sofia Richie (@sofiarichie) on

Like they always say, chicks before dicks, right?

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