Justin Bieber Has a New Hot Blonde Girlfriend

Breaking news, you guys, Justin Bieber has a new girlfriend and surprise surprise, she’s a hot young blonde actress who lives in Hollywood.

Yesterday, Justin was spotted on a dinner date with 21-year-old actress Nicola Peltz, who you may or may not remember from her role in the most recent Transformers movie where she played Mark Wahlberg’s daughter. 

Although they tried to dodge the paparazzi by shirking their duty of eating every meal at The Nice Guy, the paps weren’t born yesterday. They had zero trouble finding them at the less hip and trendy Maestro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills.

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As you can tell, both of them kept it very casual, and even though Justin looked pissed AF about having his date broadcast to the world, he still took the time to put his arm on the small of Nicola’s back like the true gentleman he is.

Nobody’s quite sure how long this relationship has been going on, or where Justin and Nicola first met, although we do know that they both attended the Saint Laurent party in L.A. that half of Hollywood attended last February, but we thought was kind of awful.

Whether or not this means that Justin and Hailey Baldwin have officially called off their open relationship is anybody’s guess, but honestly, it doesn’t even matter.

Just let the young beautiful people live their lives, you feel? 

Here’s to Hollywood’s newest possible power couple.

[H/T The Daily Mail]

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