Justin Bieber Now Clubbing With Girl Whose Dad Wasn’t Famous in the 80s

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Justin Bieber has a thing for girls whose dads were famous in the 80s.

Hailey Baldwin‘s dad was a Baldwin brother, Sofia Richie‘s dad was a highly respected name in the music industry, and even Nicola Peltz‘s dad was kind of a big deal for making millions in business during a decade that prized making money over everything besides cocaine, quaaludes and hair spray.

But now Justin Bieber is daring to be different and hanging out with a girl named Bronte Blampied — yes, Bronte Blampied — whose Dad is notedly un-Googleable.


A photo posted by Bronte Blampied (@brontebw) on

Of course, just like every other girl Justin gets attached to these days, Bronte is a young statuesque blonde with a perfectly flat stomach, but what can you do?

On Friday night, the Daily Mail reports that Justin and Bronte were spotted going clubbing at London’s Tape Nightclub until 4 a.m,  spending some quality time walking around town on Sunday, and hitting up Tape again on Monday morning.


And for the record, Bronte was one of those hot models Justin Bieber went to Hawaii with a few weeks ago, which means there’s a 70% chance she saw his penis IRL.

Floatie floatie

A photo posted by Bronte Blampied (@brontebw) on

Before you get the wrong idea though, there’s probably not anything romantic going on between them.

Bronte is allegedly friends with Sofia Richie, and she’s also got a boyfriend she’s been dating for over a year now who she seems super in love with.

You are the best person I have ever met, happy one year @_zacghabrial_ ❤️

A photo posted by Bronte Blampied (@brontebw) on

Not even Justin Bieber can break up true Instagram love like that.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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