Sofia Richie’s Post-Bieber Walk of Shame Was Refreshingly Shameless

On Friday night, Sofia Richie, daughter of Lionel Richie, an R&B singer whose music your parents/grandparents probably made out to in their day, went out on what appeared to be a date with Justin Bieber.

Photographers spotted them at Laguna Beach, holding hands and sharing a romantic late afternoon walk with a possibly beached seal.

Photos Here

Then, on Tuesday morning, Sofia was seen leaving Justin Bieber’s house wearing a black sports bra and a pair of baggy track pants that were slung low enough to show that her boxers matched her bra.

Photos Here
All in all, it was a very chill walk of shame outfit.

Luckily, the Daily Mail agreed, because otherwise things could have been awkward seeing as they just ran a bunch of photos of her with the headline, “Sofia Richie, 17, Wears Pajamas As She Leaves Justin Bieber’s Home Early In The Morning…After They Were Spotted Holding Hands.”

Honestly, isn’t it enough that people found out she went on a date with Justin Bieber? Did we really need to deny her the right to conduct her walk of shame in private? Shouldn’t that be a fundamental right for women everywhere?

Although then again, we don’t actually know that they hooked up. Or that it was even a date in the first place. Maybe he was just holding her hand because she was scared of the beached seal.

She is 17 after all.

Just saying.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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