Social media is dragging Tarte for its hella Caucasian new shade range

A few days ago Tarte Cosmetics released its new foundations with the same formula of its top selling concealer Shape Tape. The foundation comes in two formulas, matte and hydrating along with 15 shades, three being for women of color.

Instantly the drag session began on Twitter and Instagram, so bad that Tarte removed their comment option from their Instagram picture for the product.

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If you’re really confused as to why Tarte is being dragged in the first place, it’s because their foundations, 30 total, 15 per formula, have 24 shades for skintones that typically belong to white people, and six for women with darker skin.

With Fenty having raised the bar for makeup brands not only being inclusive but showing this inclusivity in their marketing last year, this came as a huge shock to the beauty community. Tarte Cosmetics has been around since 2000, and is still one of the least diverse brands on the market.


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that black and brown women come in more diverse shades than lighter-skinned women, so the fact that there isn’t a variation in the shade range is very disappointing.

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Even if you aren’t a black or brown woman this should piss you off. This isn’t cool at all and representing all races should be the top priority of every beauty line. This is why so many black owned makeup brands have been created over the years and why Fenty’s launch was so major. Companies have been doing this for years and if it wasn’t for social media they probably would continue to do so.

After being dragged on social media over the weekend Tarte announced that they’re adding 10 more shades to this line according to PopSugar. Many people aren’t feeling this either because it seems like they wanted to cause controversy and buzz just to add more shades anyway, which they should have done in the first place.


Missing an entire demographic is pathetic for a brand that has been out for almost 20 years. They even threw in one random man in the swatches to make it seem like they’re diverse, but people weren’t satisfied with that either. Jackie Aina and Alissa Ashley have new videos on their channels, one together, discussing and swatching the shades for dark and medium dark. Both influencers didn’t hold back and provided great insight on the products as well as testing them.

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