10 boujee ass drug store products launching this month

As much as we love Sephora, sometimes you can walk out of there with two products while spending over $100 and later finding out that there’s a high quality dupe of that product at your local drug store.

If you’ve never visited a CVS or Walgreens to buy beauty products you’ve been sleeping on the industry’s best kept secret. Drug store brands aren’t playing around with us this month because they’re dropping some boujee ass products that are not only high quality but super affordable.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite surprisingly high-quality beauty products being launched this month at your local drugstore.

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10. Sally Hansen Cuticle Protectors

Sally Hansen is bringing us a peel off cuticle protector thats sole purpose is to prevent your nail polish from getting all over your skin when giving yourself a mani. Each pack contains 6 peel off cuticle guards that are standard size, so they should fit on just about anyones nails and the best part is its only $6. This product will be sold at all major retailers (CVS, Target, Walgreens,etc.) this month.

9. Maybelline Lip Studio Python Metallic Lip Kit

Remember when Pat McGrath had everyone shook when she put Naomi Campbell in that glitter red lip? Or the fact that Gucci Mane’s wife Keyshia Ka’oir’s “Glitzsticks” come in over 20 shades for over 5 years? Well Maybelline just dropped their version of the glittery lip phenomenon, which comes in 8 shades: Passionate (red), Piercing (grey-ish + brown), Venomous (blue + gold),  Wild (pink + gold), Valiant (purple + gold), Provoked (pictured above), Snakebite (green + gold) and Untamed (black + gold). This product is cream-based and is $8 at major retailers, you can purchase it here.

8. CYO Take the Threeway Shadow, Liner, & Mascara Trio

CYO is a Walgreens makeup brand that launched last year that focuses on providing bold and dramatic products to its customers at affordable prices. So if you’re one of our edgy readers who likes trying new brands this might be for you. They carry brow products, eye and face products and pretty soon this will be available online and in store for you to try for yourself. This trio includes a volume mascara, gel eye liner and a silver shimmery eye shadow for $7. You can expect to see this in stores this month.

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7. Physician’s Formula Charcoal Detox Cleansing Stick

We all know about detox mask, but have you ever heard of a makeup removing stick? Physicans Formula just released their new product, a charcoal detox cleansing stick. This product is said to give your pores a deep clean while leaving your skin soft af. The top ingredients that has people talking are the deep-cleaning bamboo charcoal, natural exfoliating minerals, and nourishing artichoke leaf. If you have sensitive skin don’t trip, because this is a clinically tested vegan product and is also hypoallergenic. Also, this makeup remover is only $10 and you can cop it here.

6. Aveeno Day Mask Lotion


Aveeno launched a new leave-on day mask that you can purchase from just about anywhere. What’s cool about this mask is that it’s lotion-based and can be worn underneath makeup, but you have to reapply every two hours, so you might just want to use it when you’re chilling around the house. It’s super light weight and has SPF and anti-aging ingredients if that’s what you’re into. You can get this for about $20 at places like Walmart, CVS and more.

5. L’Oréal Paris True Match Glow Boosting Drops

If you’re a highlight hoarder or gotta have that glow in every makeup look, this is the product for you. There are tons of highlights out but what makes this cool is that it’s an affordable highlight dropper, which is hard to come by. If you like your skin to glow underneath your makeup you can add this after you put your primer on and if you want that glow to complete your full face look, a drop of two of this will do the trick. This product is universal for all skin tones and you can get it here for $15.

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4. Not Your Mother’s Blue Sea Kale & Pure Coconut Water Line

Anything with kale in it is supposed to be life-changing, so let’s see about it blessing our hair. A natural hair care line, Not Your Mother’s, just dropped a line of blue sea kale and pure coconut water shampoo, mousse and conditioner. This line is said to make your hair hydrated and healthy because of the vitamins and minerals in each product. It’s so good, it’s out of stock at many retailers already but will be restocked soon. Each product will run you about $10 each.

3. Maybelline SuperStay Full Coverage Foundation

Idk if anyone will ever need to wear a foundation for 24 hours, but this new Maybelline foundation is claiming to be the product for the job. With 16 shades, this long wearing yet light weight formula is oil-free, won’t clog your pores and is very pigmented. You can grab this from any retailer that sales Maybelline or check it out here, and it’s going to cost you about $12.

2.Yes To Coconut Oil Cleansing Balm

If you’ve ever ran out of makeup wipes I’m sure you’ve used coconut oil to do the job. Well the beauty brand Yes To is getting ready to release a two-in-one cleansing balm that has a sponge to help you take care of your skin with as less effort as possible. This balm is 98% natural and helps moisturize the skin, the sponge is coconut oil-infused as well, which will help your natural skin in the long run. This product is set to release this month and will run you around $11.

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1. RoC Retinol Correxion Max Daily Hydration Creme


If you’re into skin care you know that RoC Retinol is a great brand but can dry your skin out very fast. Well, they’ve clearly been listening to their consumers, because they just dropped a hydrating creme that you can use daily to moisturize your face while fighting against wrinkles. You can pick this up from Walmart or Walgreens for about $30.

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