These genius beauty hacks will up your game in 2018

2018 is here and we want to put you hip on the smartest beauty hacks when you just don’t have the $$ to make a Sephora or Ulta run.

Sometimes payday isn’t close enough but we still have places to go and people to see. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite beauty hacks that come in handy whenever funds are low af.

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1. DIY Makeup Remover


Situation: You met a dude in the club and you want to stay the night but you don’t have the emergency kit, what do you do?

Hack: Use body lotion and luke warm water to remove your makeup. Yes it works and your boo won’t have to trip about you getting his pillows messed up with makeup.

Source: Jezebel 

2. Use a credit card to curl your lashes 

Situation: You need to curl your natural lashes but can’t find/don’t have a lash curler, what should you do?

Hack: Use a credit card or an old ID card. Katy Perry said her former makeup artist would credit card and put it behind her lashes when applying mascara to lifts them up.

Source: Byrdie

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3. Use a Jade Roller for puffy eyes

Situation: You’re recovering from a hangover and your face is puffy af.

Hack: Use a jade roller to de-puff your face by rolling the beauty tool all over your face to promote blood flow and circulation.

Source: Vogue

4. Use a base coat to make your polish last longer

Situation: You’ve waited so long in the nail shop that once you’re done you rush out and of course, mess up your nails.

Hack: Before you go to the shop apply a base coat to your nails so that when your tech applies polish it will grip the polish better and last longer than usual.

Source: Redbook 

5. Use conditioner instead of shaving cream 

Situation: You’re on vacation and not only did you forget to shave but you forgot your shaving cream.

Hack: Use conditioner instead. Conditioner softens all hair, including the ones on your body. It will also leave your skin super soft and is inexpensive.

Source: Bustle 

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