Your two-year-old pillowcase is full of dead skin, dust and dead bugs

If you’ve ever wondered why your skin switches up on you out of no where and you start breaking out like you’re going through puberty all over again, it might be your pillowcases.

Many people don’t put 2+2 together and realize that the sheets and pillowcases you sleep on daily are not only harboring dead skin and dust but that it can literally ruin your skin.

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If no one ever taught you about when and why you should clean your bedding, we got your back. When you think of beauty and skin care it’s not all about what products you’re using and what’s your current skin care routine, bedding actually is just as important.

A recent research study says that after 2 years, 1/3 of a pillow’s weight contains dead skin, bugs, dust mites and droppings. Yeah, you read that right, all of that piles up on your pillowcases weekly, so imagine hardly ever washing it. All of that is building up on your freshly moisturized and exfoliated skin, which is literally disgusting.

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So how often should we clean our pillowcases? In a recent article, experts say weekly and if you regularly wear makeup, every few days.

We all love silk pillowcases because they’re better for our hair but the article also mentions that 100% cotton pillowcases are actually better for your face and are better at preventing breakouts.

That’s not all either, you also should be cleaning your bed sheets weekly as well. Lucky for us, it’s not as urgent to change your bed sheets every few days like with pillowcases but experts recommend two weeks max on your bed sheets.

If you’ve been doing it all wrong don’t even stress out because that might cause you to break out too. Just get to cleaning all of your bedding asap and make sure to throw out your pillowcases after two years and wash the ones you have every few days to ensure clean skin before and after your everyday skincare routine.

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