Buy this natural, cheap alternative to those fancy new lip oils

With it being the winter time in the U.S., other than your skin being ashy, chapped lips are the next most annoying thing ever. Pricey lip oils can fix them — but so can this cheap, natural alternative.

So for those of you who’ve never heard of a lip oil, it’s basically a moisturizing oil used for your lips. The reason why people are leaning more towards lip oil opposed to chapstick is because they only cover the lips instead of penetrating your pores, according to Pop Sugar.

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Brands like Lancôme, Milk Makeup and Hourglass all have lip oils for $20+, but you don’t even have to spend that much.

Instead of spending $$$ on lip oils, we’ll clue you into a natural product you can use for half the price: Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

This oil has tons of uses like growing your hair and eyebrows, smoothing your edges, smoothing your skin, the list goes on. What makes this the best product is that you can get it from so many places like Ulta, GNC and your local African shops.

Shea Moisture has a really good one that has a spout where you just press a little and you can rub it right across your lips to provide moisture and it will last you a long time because a little goes a long way.

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Now have fun with your smooth, perfect lips and go drop that extra cash on a lipstick to show them off!

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