Snapchat Just Made it Way Easier to Avoid Your Ex’s Story

Snapchat has launched some amazing updates over the last year. I mean, where would the world be without the dog-filter?

Unfortunately some other updates have been shit. I mean, how are we supposed to know which other girl our crush is Snapchatting now that “best friends” aren’t public?

But getting rid of public best friends wasn’t the worst update that Snapchat gave us. The worst update was definitely the horror when you realized that you no longer were watching your sister’s cute pumpkin patch Snapchat story, but suddenly you were watching a video of a bar… and realizing that it was your ex’s story!

This feature is called the auto-advance, and thankfully Snapchat finally realized that nobody wants to watch randos’ stories automatically, especially when that person can see that you watched it.

Snapchat will be getting rid of the auto-advance feature with their next update, according to Mashable. Instead, they’ll be launching a “Stories Playlist,” which sounds similar to auto-advance, except you can curate whose stories are included. That way you don’t have to include your frenemy or your ex that you should’ve unfriended weeks ago.

We love apps that actually listen to their users instead of ones that keep tacking on new features that nobody wants (cough, wireless headphones, cough). Just remember that the update hasn’t launched yet. So until then, be careful.

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