7th Generation iPhone Rumored To Take Away Headphone Jack, But Why?

Japanese tech blog Macotakara reported that the seventh generation of the iPhone is not going to have a traditional headphone jack. Instead, the iPhone set to come out in 2017 will use the lightening jack, or as I like to call it, the charging hole, for ear pods. USA Today cites Macotakara as a reputable source, as the blog has correctly predicted the right sizes down to the tenth of an inch for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

IMO, this is a ridiculous and greedy move by Apple. First, what am I supposed to do with the beautiful and cushy Bose headphones I already have if I am to get the new iPhone? These headphones have been around the world with me and are perfect. Second, Apple headphones are already shit. Easy to break and don’t stay in the ears when you’re trying to hit the gym. If we’re all stuck with only having headphones through the lightening port, we’re either going to have to wait for other competitors to get up to speed or be stuck paying Apple’s ridiculous prices. When Apple switched to the lightening port charging, it took a while for gas stations and CVS to get up to speed and supply decent chargers for emergencies. If this happens with headphones, and I’m stuck on a road trip without being able to get a pair of 10 dollar headphones on the side of the road, I’ll lose it. Thirdly,  what if someone wants to listen to music or watch videos and charge at the same time? How about this Apple? Lastly, I find this move to just be unnecessary. Change for the sake of change is not progress. Making this change will ensure that I switch to Android.

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