We put besties Sirena and Odessa to the test

Youth wouldn’t be complete without the friendships that lift you up when you can’t turn to anyone else. So for our Electric Youth issue, we decided to interview best friends and LA natives Sirena Warren and Odessa Adlon.

These two artistic souls are working to achieve their goals day in and day out, all while living each day to the fullest. We put their friendship to the test by quizzing them about each other and their BFF habits. Scroll down to see their photo shoot shot on a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and take the quiz with your bestie to see how you two stack up.

Sirena (left) and Odessa (right) shot by Mark Hunter on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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Sirena (left) and Odessa (right)

~Odessa on Sirena~

Name: Sirena Isabella Warren

Age: 16 and 11 months. She’s almost 17. She’s so cool.

Occupation: Model

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Guilty Pleasure: Chief Keef? Which, decoded, means smoking weed hahaha. They even have a fan photo together.

Clothing Item She Can’t Live Without: She alllllways wears long ass coats.

Celebrity Crush: Definitely Nathan Fielder from “Nathan For You.”

What Youth Means To Her: I’ll let Sirena tell it: “The youthful period in our lives is a very important time because it’s where we can shape the base for our futures. It’s also a time where we learn important lessons to apply TO that future.”

Career Goals: Sirena “wants” to be an artist but she already is. In the future, she wants to be illustrating album covers for musicians. She also would like to start a band and continue modeling while she’s still “youthful.”

Favorite BFF Movie: “The Room,” by Tommy Wiseau.

Favorite Place To Eat: Danny Trejo’s [Trejo’s Tacos]. That’s our place.

Favorite Memory Together: Giving Sirena a little tattoo on her arm in an Uber to my grandparents’ house maybe like a year ago.

Describe Sirena In One Word: She’s more than one word but I guess I’d go with “violent”… we like roughhousing.

How We Met: I came up to her at school and started messing with her red dragon tattoo on her leg because it was very clearly new. I wanted to pick of the skin flakes hahahaha.

Christmas Wish: A car but this girl CAN’T EVEN DRIIVVVEE.

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~Sirena on Odessa~

Name: Odessa Zion Segall Adlon

Age: 17 and 3/4

Occupation: She acts (like a straight up poophead).

Zodiac: Gemini, unfortunately (Kidding. Not really though, she’s crazy in a good way).


Clothing Item She Can’t Live Without: Easy. She even sleeps/showers/does anything with this. Never parts. Jewelry, all of her collected necklaces and earrings. She likes making them, too, so that no one else has it but her.

Celeb Crush: Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, or Billie Holiday — her “triple threat.”

What Youth Means to Her: In Dessa’s own words: “Being youthful/young is a movement in itself. Its utilizing time while your body is still young and able to grow and create physically and mentally. It’s learning, its practicing, it’s healing, it’s empowering, it’s having a say in the future. It’s having a chance to create your life and effect other lives… oh yeah and right now it’s proving that the elections were rigged by Russia and kicking the assholes out of office :)”

Career Goal: She’s a quadruple threat. She wants her band to be more recognized and wants to get better with what she does in it, meaning guitar and singing. In addition, she wants to be very involved with fashion, not meaning modeling (ironically). She just loves designing and styling people. It’s also anything having to do with art, and definitely acting. She loves acting.

Favorite BFF Movie: IT’S “THE ROOM” (not the Brie Larson one).

Favorite Place to Eat: Danny Trejo’s, but only with our younger siblings all together.

Favorite Memory Together: Hahaha, it’s when Odessa let me live at her house for a week, even when she wasn’t there, cause of boy problems of course. Also ying yang BITCH.

One Word to Describe Her: She’s definitely the craziest person I know. My word’s “crazy.” Crazy in a fun way though.

How We Met: She came up to me at school and started poking my tattoo cause she’s crazy.

Christmas Wish: More windows in her room, which is literally impossible and never gonna happen.

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Photography by Mark Hunter using Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Makeup by Shyanne Swisher
Styling by Alexandra Mandelkorn
Clothing by Valfré

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