What youth really means to 32 up-and-coming LA kids

What does youth mean to you? We asked 32 artists, musicians and influencers to tell us in their own words. Here’s what they said, with portraits shot by 19-year-old Evan Tan on Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

“I think youth is the time in which you really figure out who you are.” – West Adler

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“Shit happens.” – Victoria Davidoff

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“It’s important that people put their ideas out there because everybody has a special talent. If we all see a visual representation of people’s ideas it will help humankind progress.” – Valentina

“It is up to the youth to inspire and raise the consciousness of the human race through artistic creation and the expression of true passion.” – Tyler

“Embrace your most childlike self, and be yourself.” – Teo Halm

“Youth to me is experiencing changes and learning to accept the person you blossom into.” – Taylor

“Don’t be afraid to express yourself. Just be you, because you’re the best you you could be.” – Tara

“Karma’s only a lil bitch if you’re a lil bitch.” – Sydney

“You have to love, you have to feel. It’s the reason you are here on earth. You’re here to risk your heart.” – Sophie Bergeron

“Girl power and women empowerment isn’t just for women, it’s for everyone to feel comfortable embracing their femininity and their androgyny.” – Sophie

“I’m fucking young and I love it.” – Sophia

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for people in speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity.” – Shaynna

“Spread love, create, and live life.” – Shaniece Bullock

“Be you, and always be true.” – Rickey Thompson

“Say yes to life.” – Noah

“I really love the process of growing into myself as a person, mentally and emotionally.” – Meelah

“Discovery is the beauty and pain of youth and young manhood.” – Malik Shakur

“Just be you, focus on you and your happiness, and live life the way you want to.” – Lyzy Adler

“With almost unlimited resources at our disposal, today’s youth has the most important resource of all: choices. We have the power to choose what our future looks like and what our society will become.” – Lexie Jiaras

“Youth is the power to create the world you want to live in.” – Joie

“I’m inspired by individuality, and people unapologetically being themselves.” – Jazmin

“There’s nothing more powerful than the unified youth.” – Jaira

“What really excites me about my generation is that we are so able to be free and expressive of our true, authentic selves, and the presentation of that self.” – Hannah

“Remember to express yourself in any way that you can and don’t restrain your creativity.” – Hana Tyszka

“Youth is a time to explore freely who you are and what means the most to you.” – Haley Appell

“I think it’s important for everyone to feel comfortable being themselves.” – Gabriela

“Take advantage of every opportunity presented to you.” – Erika Sela

“Being young is like being drunk, kinda messy but always fun.” – Drumaq

“Age doesn’t define your youth.” – Crystal

“Be yourself and you’ll always win.” – Ciarda

“I feel that we need to gear our society words more towards female energy — focusing on art and emotions more and bringing out its important factors. The pain and separation of our society right now only serves as a reminder that we need to get back to our roots, back to our hearts.” – Carla Sophia

“Be yourself, don’t try to change to be like everybody else. You are unique and there will never be another you. Show the world what you have to offer!” – Alexis


Photography by Evan Tan using Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Styling by Hayley Appell
Makeup by Paige Pelfrey using Flirt Cosmetics
Cleanser and Mask provided by Glam Glow
Wardrobe provided by Missguided

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