Send This to the Girl Who Keeps Trying to Sell You Sh*t on Facebook

The only thing worse than getting a Facebook message from rando creepy dudes from your high school is getting a Facebook message from that random girl from your freshman year English class that you spoke to once.

“Hey, how are you? I was wondering if you’re interested in making money part-time while having fun,” she’ll message you, likely with way too many smileys.

This would sound awesome if you were young and naive, but you’re old with crushed dreams and student debt, so you know better.

John Oliver also knows better, and he’s sharing his wisdom with all of you via his latest video from Last Week Tonight, in which he makes his own pyramid scheme to educate others about why they should not ever get involved in a pyramid scheme.

A pyramid scheme sounds like some crazy shit that nobody you know would be dumb enough to get involved in, but trust me, they are. Some of these multi-level marketing companies (or MLM, for short) include Mary Kay, Herbalife, Nu Skin, and Avon.

Sound familiar now? I bet it does. Because you’ve probs been invited to Facebook groups from random girls who got married at 19 and never left your hometown. If not, you’ve at least been followed by randos on Instagram who DM you acting like their your new BFF and offending you by asking if you want to lose weight fast.

We’re sure you’re smart enough to be sketched out by a “job” that requires you to spend a shit load of money in order to earn it, plus you actually want to keep your friends rather than annoying them so much that they ditch you.

But for your friend who isn’t aware of this, or your Facebook friend who won’t stop bothering you, there’s this video.

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