Great, the Senate Has Officially Voted to Defund Planned Parenthood

Yesterday, when he wasn’t busy bragging about his inability to be alone with any women besides his wife, Mike Pence cast a tie-breaking vote in the Senate on a bill that will allow states to deny federal funding to clinics that also administer abortions.


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Just in case you haven’t been keeping up, the government does not actually give funding for actual abortions anyway. This bill would remove all funding from any center that performs abortions entirely, meaning that the clinics would no longer receive funding to go towards the cancer screenings, birth control methods, and other services that they provide.

Obviously, this is a purely political bill that hopes to pressure clinics to stop performing abortions so that they can receive government funding.

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The hilarious (but also sad) part is that Mike Pence spoke at a Women’s Empowerment Panel the night before he stripped women of essential healthcare measures that many can’t afford on their own. We’re not sure who the hell invited a dude who can’t even be alone with women to speak at a Women’s Empowerment Panel, but the irony remains and proves that so many Republicans who claim they give a shit about women are all talk (sound familiar, Ivanka?).

In the speech, Pence-y poo said, “Under President Trump’s leadership, the future for our country, and the future for American women, is brighter than ever before.” Weird, because we don’t think a bright future means having babies at 16 or having to abstain from sex completely if we can’t afford birth control!

The bill will not officially be passed until Trump signs the bill, but considering his track record, we are assuming he’s going to shart on our dreams and give it to the go ahead.

We will update this story accordingly.

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