Debby Ryan Made Feminist Dad Hats To Support Domestic Abuse Victims

If you have been slacking on Instagram and lagging on buying those “must have” fashion items, it’s okay, we have your back, and so does Debby Ryan.

You probably remember Debby from the Disney Channel’s “Jessie,” or “The Suite Life on Deck,” but she’s all grown up now, and has bunch of cool projects and films coming out later this year like “Riptide,” and “Life of The Party.”

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But one of her coolest projects as of late is that Debby’s created a super cool dad hat with the word “Lady,” emblazoned on it — and it comes in multiple colors so you can get one for each of your moods.

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“I think being a lady goes beyond culture or class or generation,” says Debby. “Being a lady, especially one in a ‘dad hat,’ has an implication of modern nobility.”

As a bonus, proceeds from the purchase of this cute cap go to support “Love is Respect,” which is an organization that serves as a round-the-clock emergency hotline against domestic abuse, physical or otherwise.

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“I got to know them through a campaign I worked on with Mary Kay, and was so impressed with and thankful for the patience, empathy, strength, and discretion of the women involved,” says Debby. “Love is Respect prioritizes treating every woman, person, and relationship individually. And when you’re treated that way, it becomes a little easier to be ladylike,” she adds, and we totally agree.

The hats are on sale until right now until Friday 3/31.

Buy Your ‘Lady’ Hat Here

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