Why You Shouldn’t Get Offended If Someone Calls You a “Popcorn Hoe”

The Tab recently published a piece on the term “Popcorn Hoe,” which has been tossed around on social media for some time now.

What’s a popcorn hoe? A girl who looks “average” in her daily life, but pops out with her hair, makeup, and a lit outfit on the weekends. Think Mia in the Princess Diaries after her makeover, or Ty in Clueless after Cher gives her a new look.

Except it’s not a one-time makeover, it’s a consistent transformation that goes down from the weekday to the weekend, or anytime you’re spending extra time getting ready for a special event.

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At first, the idea of a popcorn hoe sounds like an insult. After all, who wants to be called “average?” And who wants to be told that they only attract attention when they spend an hour in the mirror doing their contour?

But girls on Twitter are proudly proclaiming their popcorn hoe status. And shockingly, there aren’t any butt-hurt virgins writing shit about how you “can’t trust a popcorn hoe” either. Why? Because everyone enjoys a caterpillar to a sexy ass butterfly transformation, and it’s fun to suddenly attract attention when you know you’re looking fly.

It’s also fabulous to sleep in an extra hour on a Monday morning instead of straightening your hair for the losers in your office, and to preserve your $60 Naked Palette for the times where photos will be taken.

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Think about it. Let’s say you wear a boring ass suit to work everyday and don’t really bother with your hair and makeup, and then you get all dolled up for the company Christmas party and everybody can’t stop complimenting how great you look. It feels good. Sure, maybe it’s a little annoying how the dude who works in the cubicle next to you suddenly starts paying attention to you after three months, but it’s also kind of hilarious.

That being said, being a popcorn hoe makes it really easy to know which guys are worth your time and which guys only are talking to you because of your “popped out” look.

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Speaking of popping out, with the maximalist trend and a big emphasis on beauty right now, girls are owning the fact that it takes them an hour to get ready with no shame. After all, you think that smokey eye and cut-crease did itself?

Being a popcorn hoe means that you’re comfortable with yourself in your natural state and with a full-face. You pop out when you’re feeling yourself and have the time to break out the curling iron, and you have no problem going out for the day with your natural hair and face when you’re lazy or tired.

Being called a popcorn hoe doesn’t mean that you look bad on the daily and suddenly look amazing on a Friday night, it means you look lit during the day and like a Victoria’s Secret model at night. After all, if you popped out 24/7 you’d just attract too much attention!

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