Selfies Might Be Linked To Happiness So Take 9000 More Right Now

So, remember that study that said people who take lots of selfies are probs narcissists and psychopaths? Yeah… fuck that.

Everybody who knows how to use a cell phone takes selfies. It doesn’t matter if you post 100 on Instagram, send them to your boo, or delete them right after, but you’ve def taken one. Maybe selfies are linked to narcissism and psychopathy but like, YOLO, right?

A new study says F U to that old study, because apparently selfies are also linked to happiness. Boo-yah, bitches.

Granted, the study was small, but the old study only focused on men. And everybody knows that dudes who post selfies are a whole different breed than girls who take selfies. I’m not gender profiling, I’m just stating the fucking facts.

Regardless, this new study had 41 students track their moods over four weeks using an app. They were split into three groups, the first group was asked to take a smiling selfie every day, the second group was asked to take pics of things that made them happy, and the third group was asked to take photos of things they thought might make other people happy.

All groups experienced an increase in overall happiness (not really surprised, but whatever). But the selfie group in particular experienced a “changed mood, due to feeling more confident, comfortable, or creative.”

Okay, so this study may be kinda BS, but that other selfie-psychopath study was BS too, I mean, everyone knows that all men who post a shitload of selfies on social media are either narcissists, models, or psychopaths – or all three, right?

Either way, even if you are a psychopath and a narcissist, at least you’ll be a happy one. Go take another selfie, betch.

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