We Didn’t Need Essena O’Neil To Tell Us Instagram Couples Were Fake

When’s the last time you posted a picture with your boyfriend on social media? What was that picture of? Let me guess, it’s a cute “candid” shot of you two next to a city landmark with the caption “Look who came to visit me.” In reality, you had to beg your best friend to take 15 shots before finding a cute one that didn’t look completely faked. Or, maybe it’s a shot where you’re both super smiley and giving each other bear hugs. In reality, you’re probably hammered which explains the smiles and over-clinginess, not to mention the fact that you two got into a drunk argument two hours later.

The thing is, you’re not going to post pictures of you two fighting, and you’re not going to post pictures of you two sweaty post-sex either. Nobody wants to see that, right? In fact, I would argue that people would rather see that then your cringe-worthy “coupley” photos, but that’s another story.

Essena O’Neill, the Instagram model who “quit social media,” came out with a video this week detailing how a male model proposed that they start a “relationship” for the sole purpose of combining their fanbases and therefore cashing in big time. She was not up for this idea whatsoever, and we can’t totally blame her. Although, I wouldn’t really mind getting paid to take vacations with a hot male model? But, I digress…

O’Neill goes on to talk about how “fake” the whole courting process was. He commented on her pics, they chatted on whatsapp, he sent her a lot of selfies, and she retaliated–but only after she had applied some makeup, arranged her hair, and put on a cute top. God, who would ever do this?! Oh wait…you probably did!

If a guy sends you a snapchat while you’re in the middle of putting on your green tea face mask, do you think you’re going to snap him back right away? Hell no! And if a guy asks you to tell him about your day, are you going to go into detail about how you bled through your maxi-pad onto your brand new jeans? Absolutely not.

Social media is absolutely fake. Photoshop is absolutely fake. But, at the end of the day, the courting process that takes place in most romantic relationships is fake as fuck too, or it’s at least somewhat “mysterious.”

Just like going on a job interview, you want to put your best foot forward when going on a date. Does it make you fake if you tell your interviewer that you love kids even though you really don’t? Maybe, but if you’re applying for a babysitting position, it also makes you smart.

As much as I hate to admit it, some of the most successful CEOs and leaders out there probably got to their current positions by being just a little bit fake. Should you edit all your Instagram photos? No. Should you ask the next guy that asks you out to pay you? Probably not. But, no offense to miss O’Neill, but the reason that people love social media so much is so that can show their best side. Girls can put up a skinny photo of themselves, or a photo of the one time their boyfriend did something nice for them. It may not be reality, but the average social media user is completely aware of that, and they probably don’t care.

In the mean time, if there are any male models who want to “hire” me as their girlfriend and split the profits, I’m available.

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