Selena Gomez had a classy Napa Valley birthday with her best gal pals

Selena Gomez could have done anything to celebrate her 25th birthday.

She could have had an underwater tea party. She could have rented out a casino in Vegas and had a celebrity impersonator dance party. She could have even flown to Paris to scale the Eiffel Tower with bear claws.

But instead, Selena Gomez decided to celebrate her birthday in a classy, but slightly boring way. By rounding up her best gal pals and trucking them out to Napa Valley.

You know, that place in California where all the good wine lives.

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Surprisingly, at least from social media, it seems like most of Selena’s birthday weekend revolved around riding around in cars without boys.

Behold Selena and friends drinking alcohol in a moving vehicle:

Throwing water at each other in a moving vehicle:

Listening to “Free-fallin’” in a moving vehicle:

Listening to classier music in a moving vehicle:

And posing with what was formerly a moving vehicle but is currently just a vehicle:

Other trip highlights included such dramatic moments as being on the computer in bed:

And not knowing what to call Selena while singing happy birthday to her, possibly because of all the alcohol they’d consumed that day:

Although to be fair, Selena’s actual birthday isn’t until next weekend, so this could just be the calm before the storm. Not that she needs to have a crazy birthday party, it’s just that she’s a celebrity and there are certain things we expect of famous folks.

Then again, maybe going buck wild isn’t exactly good for Selena’s brand at the moment, but either way, we only have a week to wait.

Balls in your birthday court, Sele.

[H/T Elle]

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