This Secret iPhone Folder Could Be The Key To Catching a Cheater

Here at Galore, we would never condone snooping through your partner’s cell phone. If you don’t want to find something, don’t go looking for it. It’s super easy to see an innocent text message or picture and think the worst. You don’t want to go on a psycho rampage and key his car only to find out that the chick he’s been texting is his step-sister.

Regardless, there are certain instances where you basically know your partner is cheating. Perhaps you’ve heard it from multiple sources close to you, maybe you noticed that he changed his passcode suddenly, or maybe you just have a gut feeling. And yet, no matter how much you try to discuss his obvious infidelity with him, he denies it to the death and calls you crazy.

If you’re 99% sure that your boo is cheating or sexting other girls, all the proof you need may be hiding in a secret, but not so secret, iPhone folder.

The folder is called “Recently Deleted” and is hidden under the top six image folders under the Photos app. If you have an iPhone with minimal storage, or you work at the Apple store, or you’re hiding something yourself, you may know about this folder. But chances are, the cheating asshole (and therefore idiot) that you’re dating doesn’t.

Basically, every time that fuckboy tries deleting the shirtless selfie he took for Becky or the nudes he received from his Tinder matches, the photos actually just move to this folder for 30 days before being permanently cleared by the iPhone gods.

Most iPhone users don’t have any clue that this folder exists, because why wouldn’t your pictures delete from your phone as soon as you delete them? Apple probably thought this would be helpful to users who “accidentally” delete pictures. But in most cases, it’s just a storage-hogging nuisance — or the key to finally finding the proof you need that your dude is a dog.

Again, we’re not trying to say you should snoop in your boyfriend’s phone for no reason. The Recently Deleted trick should only be employed if you’re basically positive he’s cheating but you need visual proof to extricate yourself from the relationship and get him to stop calling you crazy.

Either way, if you really feel the need to snoop that much, you’re clearly not in a healthy relationship to begin with. Take a step back and look at the facts, whether it’s you having trust issues or your partner being sketchy as fuck, something is not working. Unless you’re planning on releasing a chart-topping hit like “Lemonade,” you’re better off leaving while you still can.

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