Say What You Want About Blake Lively, Apparently She’s A Good Actress

Blake Lively, best known for her time as Gossip Girl Serena Van Der Woodsen and as a castmember of Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants, has surprised lots of people by starring in a movie that got pretty decent reviews.

The Shallows features Blake battling sharks in a bikini. The whole thing is a one-woman show, which Blake apparently rises to the occasion for.

“This isn’t Jaws,”  Time Magazine writes. “There’s no larger dimension here, no elemental poetry. But it’s taken some shrewd calculation to realize that Lively, with her beachy glow and thrust-out chin, could carry this thing. The movie requires this particular star, body and soul, and Lively’s confidence turns it into a piece of pop empowerment, even when realism starts slipping away in the final stretches.”

The actress recently was the source of some controversy after Instagramming a photo of herself at Cannes, with the caption, “L.A face with an Oakland booty”—a Sir Mix-A-Lot quote, many of you may remember from the classic, “Baby Got Back.” People didn’t like that, because they felt she was appropriating black culture.

But now that Blake’s doing well at the box office, all of this controversy could be forgotten about. And now I know what I’m doing this weekend! Watch the trailer for The Shallows below.

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