Blake Lively Swears Wearing High Heels Relaxes Her

In an interview with the very bougie Hamptons Magazine, Blake revealed that not only is wearing high heels relaxing to her, but that when she’s dressing herself, she always keeps in mind “the staircases” that her “outfit could drip down.”

In the wake of her recent futile stab at being relatable in the pages of Marie Claire earlier this month, where Blake Lively not only claimed to have “meaty eyelids” but swore she passed them down to her 15-month-old daughter whom she and her gorgeous husband cruelly named James, Blake Lively finally seems ready to come to terms with her superhuman goddess status.

After assuring that in her everyday life she likes to do totally normal human things like wearing “jeans and a T-shirt” and acting “incredibly casual,” Blake Lively reveals that she thinks it’s equally relaxing to wear her Christian Louboutin heels:

“I also like to dress up, though; I also think that’s relaxing — to put on a great pair of Louboutins.”

Which definitely includes the pair Christian Louboutin named after her in 2011.


According to Blake, Christian Louboutin decided to name the shoe after her because when she first tried it on she said she wanted “to sleep with it under my pillow every night.”

Then, when asked about how she chooses those red carpet outfits, Blake replied, “It’s mood-based, it’s environment-based, knowing what the event is. Something like Cannes, for example, is incredibly Old Hollywood, glamorous, iconic; there’s the wind of the Cote d’Azur — you want things that will blow in the wind, that will look beautiful in the sun, that drip down a sweeping staircase. It’s the same thing with the Met: You think of the staircase that your outfit could drip down.”

TBH, it’s pretty excellent advice, and represents how far she’s come since earlier in the month when she was still struggling with JLRS, Jennifer Lawrence Relatability Syndrome.

We’re glad you’ve made a speedy recovery, Blake.

Welcome back.

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