Yes, Sammi Sweetheart Has Seen Your Jersey Shore Meme, Thanks

I can pinpoint the exact moment when my relationship with Sammi Giancola — otherwise known as the Jersey Shore’s Sammi Sweetheart, the self-proclaimed sweetest bitch you’ll ever meet — went sour.

It was the when I asked her about guido culture.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Before I get to the the end of our relationship, let me start from the very beginning, when I looked into her eyes and said, “Hi, I’m Maria from Galore.”

We were on the red carpet for YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund’s 80th Annual Geoffrey Beene National Scholarship Awards Dinner at the Grand Hyatt hotel. Kids were getting free money to go to college, celebs were walking the red carpet, and it was lit.

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I decided to ask Sammi about how her own style — black shirts and jeans, guidette-style — influenced her new clothing line.

“Even on the Jersey Shore, you had such an understated clothing style compared to the rest of the cast,” I began. “How does that translate into your clothing line?”

“I have an online boutique store,” Sammi said, “so I pick certain brands that I love that I feel like I would wear, my friends would wear, my sisters would wear, young girls would wear if they’re going out to like a business interview or if they’re going out to a club or if they’re going out to dinner, so it’s a range of different things.”

Then, she opened up and told me about that special time in every young woman’s life, when they evolve past jorts.

“I think that what’s cool now is now that I’m older, I can dress a little bit more than my age then the young short shorts and tank tops and stuff, I’ve kind of evolved in that way,” she said.

Next, I asked her if she’d seen the Jersey Shore memes — she has — and what she thought of them.

“You know,” Sammi began, “I think it’s really funny, but how many times can one person see the cry face? It’s like everybody tags me in it and I’m like, I’ve seen this already like 50 million times because the last hundred people just tagged me in this meme. It’s really funny, I like, actually like them, some of them are really hysterical, I don’t mind it, it is what it is.”

And then, I made the fatal mistake of asking her about guido culture, which our spies on the ground at the Jersey Shore have told us is nowhere to be found in 2017, even at formerly guido-y clubs..

“Guido culture was such a huge part of the Jersey Shore and I fee like it used to be everywhere, but now, I hardly see it. Where have all the guidos gone?” I asked.

“Where did the — what,” Sammi replied, clutching her Yves Saint Laurent purse, label out.

I repeated, “Where have all the guidos gone?”

“Oh, I think they’re still here,” Sammi responded, as she looked away from me towards the crowd of people around her. “Go to Jersey, go down the shore, they’re still there.”

And things only got worse when I asked her how she dealt with fuckboys.

“Well, listen to my podcast. We talked about that,” Sammi told me. “You’ll hear my thoughts.”

And that’s when I knew things were really over between us.

But I’ll say this much, she truly is the sweetest bitch I’ve ever met.

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