Rubi Rose is the next Showstopper of your playlists

At Only 21, Rubi Rose is dominating all things music, fashion, and the charts.

We can’t stop listening to her catchy tracks filled with an undeniable talent beyond her years. Fluent in four languages and the face of all the chart-dominating songs, Rubi Rose is breaking into the world of music on her own terms. She’s forging the way for young girls to take control of their destiny.

We sat down with Rose to discuss her new single, favorite products, and what’s next in this dominating forces career.

First and foremost, you have an impressive list of activities, jobs, and talents- what’s your secret to staying focused and motivated?

It’s the feeling of dissatisfaction I have with myself. I planned out my life when I was young and I was supposed to be in a different place than where I’m at now. When I turned 21, I woke up & realized I’m getting old so now I’m just motivated to be the best version of myself.


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We know you’ve collaborated with other artists in the past, so is there any artists you’re set on working with soon? 

There’s no one set in stone really, but I have some potential producers I’m working with and I’m really excited about that.

So, you know 4 languages- what are they and which was the hardest to learn?


English, French, Tigrinya, and Spanish! Tigrinya is by far the most difficult. The alphabet has like hundreds of symbols and sounds. I’ve spent summers in Eritrea trying to become fluent so I’m still working on it.

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Your single, “Trickin” is a rich bad bitch anthem- was there a certain moment in your life that inspired this track?

I can’t pin point an exact moment but what I can say is my mom raised me to never accept gifts from guys and that I should be independent so I used to always pay for my own stuff to try and show I was a boss, but then someone showed me that they were getting something from me and I was getting nothing from them. Sooooo ain’t nothing wrong with getting flewed out and him spending a couple banzzz on my pretty Azz to keep my azz pretty.

How did the contrast of living in Switzerland in comparison to Atlanta influence your personal style?

It was a culture shock. From boarding school with nuns to being around the Atlanta culture, it really has changed me.


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What are your 3 beauty essentials?

Jojoba oil, beauty supply hoops, fitme Maybelline foundation


When it comes to modeling, what’s your go-to pose?

A lil eye squint with an arched back, standing to the side with my hand on my hip, and my finger on my lip

How have you handled notoriety and the recognition to follow?

I would like to think humbly,

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Do you have any interesting or unique approaches when it comes to writing music?

Not yet really, I just listen to the beat a lot and get a vibe off that, then just tell a story of what I really have going on and make it rhyme

Do you have a motto or line of advice you abide by? 

You only live once.

How do you maneuver going through school and being apart of the entertainment industry?

Staying focused… but also the person I love most in this world (my mom) would kill me if I didn’t do well and finish. It’s kinda hard to juggle both but I manage, I think of the end result and how much it’ll all be worth it, so I just get it done.

What is your favorite travel destination? Where do you hope to go to next/why?

Dubai is my favorite travel destination. Tokyo is where I want to go next so that I can get in touch with my roots

You’ve been featured in a couple of music videos, is acting in your future

Definitely. Stay tuned.


Photography by Sed 


Makeup by Kimaris


Styling by Diamond C.


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