Bahari is “Crashing” into our hearts and minds with new music and the secret to authenticity!

Bahari is captivating our hearts and minds with their dreamy electronic music, and we are here for it.

Based in Los Angeles, Bahari is a dark electronic duo known for their rich harmonies. The duo of our dreams is comprised of Ruby Carr (singer/keyboardist) and Natalia Panzarella (singer/bassist), who debuted as Bahari in 2014. The band’s name is derived from the word “ocean” in Ruby’s native African language.

The duo is now reclaiming their independence and diving into the world of dark, young, and reckless pop. They are currently in the studio working on new music. Although they both grew up in different countries, they have not stopped producing beautiful music since meeting.They have us convinced they’ve known each other all their life.

Today they released their collaboration, “Crashing,” with ILLENIUM.

These ladies are proving they’re not slowing down for anyone. The track is alluring and establishes just how enchanting their vocals are. The idea of being drunk off someone, feeling out of your comfort zone, and irrational in thought is a concept most of us can relate to. The build to the chorus is exciting (along with the whole track) and we cannot get this song off repeat.

The lyrics are a perfect representation of what emotions are normally difficult to communicate to a loved one. It resonated well with me and thankfully there is a lyric music video available here. Reading along and viewing the animations, it helped me navigate my own interruption of the song.

Being talented and charming woman, I can’t imagine this will be the last time we hear from Bahari.

We were able to catch up with both Ruby and Natalia, read below about their journey and newest collaboration!

How did Bahari get started and what do you guys want to be remembered for in the music industry? 

We met at the studio. We each had our own connections with our producers and we met and just clicked. We hope to be remembered for our music and being a positive influence to people.

Who do you take the most inspiration from musically? 

We are all over the board with this but it ranges from Lana del Rey to Fleetwood Mac. Maybe a hint of The Eagles..  

What is the lyrical process like for you? 

There’s really no formula. Usually, we start with a guitar part or piano and just come up with melodies first. The lyrics are always based on one of our personal experiences and if they click right away, we will build a concept around that. 

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What are some of the biggest obstacles you have faced in your career?

I wouldn’t say it was an obstacle, it was more of a hard choice to become independent as a band, it was difficult at first but we are really enjoying having full creative control and putting out the music that we are making. 

What is the process like collaborating with many different artists such as Zedd? 

Collaborating with different artists always adds something new and something exciting. 

Your latest song debut “Crashing” is a collaboration with Illenium, what does this song mean to you?

This song is so close to our hearts. It’s been one of our favorite songs we’ve ever made, and we have been waiting for the perfect time to put it out. Illenium really captured the emotion of what we were trying to portray with the lyrics. We couldn’t have dreamed of a better collaboration for this song.

How would you describe each Bahari’s individual personal style?

We dress super similar. We love vintage, we love Levi’s, but when we are home it’s sweatpants alllllll the way!

Who is the funniest person in the group? 

It depends who you’re asking! We have our moments.

Any advice for young female artists? 

Keep grinding and don’t let people push you to be anything you’re not. Authenticity is KEY.

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Your favorite performance to date? 

Quebec! We played their city festival in July 2016 and opened for Selena Gomez and Alessia Cara. It was INSANE! 

Any upcoming projects?

Yes!!! We’re so excited about everything we’ve been creating lately. Lots of videos/songs and other secret tingsss!

Keep up with Bahari through their instagram HERE.


Photography & Styling by Jacqueline Kulla 

Makeup by Lucy Bleu Knight

 Interview & Story by Amber Duran

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