Lolo Zouaï ‘High Highs to Low Lows’ Headline Tour has us high on excitement

Announcing her first headlining tour, ‘High Highs to Low Lows,’ Lolo Zouaï will have us high off of energy and excitement and low on the dance floor.

Freshly off a supporting tour with Alina Baraz and a European Tour in late 2018, Lolo Zouaï is a trailblazing artist to watch.

Lolo is best known to be candid and vulnerable when it comes to lyrical content. Her break out single, ‘High Highs to Low Lows,’ has over 10 million streams.

Born in Paris, raised in San Francisco, and now residing in New York, Lolo is a product of the variety of different cultures and adversities she has experienced. A track of hers, ‘Desert Rose,’ is about the obstacles she has had to overcome stemming from her multi-cultural background.

Earlier this month, she debuted ‘Ocean Beach,’ a double-single package that includes tracks ‘Lose Myself’ and ‘Jade’ featuring Blood Orange.

The singer/songwriter expressed about the collaboration with Dev Hynes, “Jade is the feeling of feeling nothing… being numb to all the beauty around you because you’re stuck in your own head. But then at the same time there’s something beautiful about pain and sadness. ‘Jade’ plays on that string between beauty and pain. I think Dev and I both stepped out of our comfort zones for this song to create our own world.”

You can watch the beautiful collaboration unfold through the music video directed by Nick Harwood here.

Lolo is keen on keeping true to herself, her values, and not losing sight of her hometowns that made her who she is today. Many of her music videos are a pure representation of her authentic style and down to earth characteristics. Lolo just let me know when you’re down to chill, listen to Aaliyah, and thrift together, yeah?

The charming and skilled artist is beginning her tour in Boston and ending in Montreal with a few festival appearances along the way. Being no stranger to sold out crowds and having an overwhelming amount of support from cities around the globe, we have no doubt she will be a stand out artist for the years to come.

Touring with her in support is Jean Deaux, a singer/rapper from Chicago.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to Lolo, you can check out her Spotify here and Soundcloud here.  (Disclaimer: you may end up listening for hours on end, lose track of time, feel inspired, and want to dye your hair pink. The experience is similar to any binge you might have on a Netflix series.)

I was able to talk to the rising artist about challenges within the music industry, where she derives inspiration, and her upcoming tour.

Check it out below!

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How would you describe your sound & style?

Honest, sexy, moody, fun.

What is your lyrical process like?

I usually come up with my melodies before my lyrics. I like to start a song with one word/concept/title and then I’ll go in and figure out the rest of the lyrics. I write most of my songs with Stelios. I love writing songs, even for other people.

You recently just came off a tour supporting Alina Baraz, what was the touring experience like?

We rented a sprinter van, named it Lolita, and drove it all around the West Coast. My manager Doug drove the whole way (shoutout Doug,) and the one time I drove it I got a speeding ticket haha.  Alina was really sweet and supportive. It’s cool to see her sellout all these shows across the country and still be so down to earth. I had a blast playing to full rooms…her fans were so welcoming.

Tour plans?

I just announced my first major headline tour. We’re doing 22 cities across North America and some festivals in the summer. Probably back to Europe at the end of the year.

You grew up in San Francisco and recently performed at the Warfield, how was that for you?

It was crazy, I don’t think I’ve processed it yet. The last time I performed in San Francisco was at my high school talent show haha. So many of my friends I grew up with came out to support. It was a moment.. I can’t wait to headline the Warfield one day.  My next SF show is at Rickshaw Stop which is a really special venue too. I saw Sky Ferreira there when I was 16.

Pros & cons to social media?

I’ve met so many people I work with through Instagram. It’s a great way for people to build a business and a brand. My manager actually first reached out to me through IG and then he introduced me to my producer Stelios and here we are! That being said, social media addiction is 100% a real thing. It can be bad for my headspace & cause unnecessary stress and anxiety. If I’m in the studio and I realize I need to post something or see something come out online it can really take me out of my zone. I know it’s important but sometimes it feels like a black hole. It’s all about balance.

Being an independent female artist in a very male dominant industry, have you faced any challenges? How have you been able to overcome them?

When I was first starting out I was a little naive about people’s intentions. In the past few years I’ve come across a lot of people, and not just men, that have massive egos and selfish intentions. Disguising wanting to ‘own’ you with wanting to ‘help’ you. You should listen to my song ‘High Highs to Low Lows’.. I talk about this in there. I keep a small team of honest people around me. No ‘yes men’ allowed. Honestly it’s a great time to be an independent female artist. There are a bunch of us out here killing it.

Who or where do you find music inspiration from?

Inspiration can come from anywhere, but mostly from my personal life. I’ll often take a small interaction and make it a full song. That’s what I did with ‘For the Crowd’. I wrote it to get something out of my system and when I was done I was like “oh shit”.  I just dramatically ran into my boyfriend from 4 years ago on a street in Paris…maybe I’ll go write about that. Or the croissant I had for breakfast.

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Your newest double single “Ocean Beach” recently debuted, what do these songs mean to you?

I wanted to take a step back and look at how far I’ve come, so I made two songs dedicated to my hometown: San Francisco. Growing up I’d spend a lot of time at Ocean Beach thinking and writing lyrics. In the music industry it’s easy to feel jaded and lose the passion that made you want to start in the first place. These songs sum up that feeling.

 A lot of your audience can relate to you and the obstacles you’ve had to overcome because of your multi-cultural background, being both Algerian French and American. What is your advice to someone facing scrutiny similar to you?

Just be true to yourself. If your family doesn’t accept you for who you are, try to find a way to coexist but don’t ever change something about yourself to please someone else. If they really love you they’ll come around and if they don’t well…fuck it.

What can fans expect from you within the next year?  

An album.

What do you think separates you from other emerging artists?

My mix of cultures..but everyone has has their own story. I support anyone out here chasing their dream.

Who is your dream collaboration with?

Ooo I have a few but since I was 16 I’ve wanted to work with the The Weeknd. I feel like he’d kill a remix to Desert Rose.


All tickets go on sale for The ‘High Highs to Low Lows‘  Tour  on Friday 10am local time.

See if she is visiting a city near you here!

Photography and Styling by Jacqueline Kulla 

Creative Direction by Amber Duran

Interview and Story by Amber Duran


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