RKOBH’s Morgan Stewart Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before

In honor of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills returning to E! for a fourth season this Sunday, May 1, we sat down with the gorgeous and quick-witted Morgan Stewart for an exclusive on show drama, wedding planning, and her upcoming clothing line.

Morgan held nothing back and even threw shade at ex-cast member RoxyMariah Carey style.

Keep scrolling to find out exactly what went down when we sat down with this blonde bombshell — and don’t forget to check out our photo shoot of Morgan on the Lower East Side below.

Champagne or vodka?

OMG vodka.

Favorite Spice Girl? 


Pick your celebrity parents? 

David and Victoria.

Song that best describes you?

“Grown Woman.”

Best gift ever received? 

My engagement ring, for sure.

Tell us how is the wedding planning is going? Are you a bridezilla? 

I mean, I’m very bridezilla and I’ve been very hands-on. Once I take on something I make sure that every detail is perfect.

How helpful has Brendan been? 

Brendan has been hands-on with the boys things, which I like. He has impeccable taste but we have a problem when he starts giving me his input on things I didn’t ask for. There are some things that I ask him and I want his opinion and then there are things I really don’t want his opinion on but he decides to give it to me anyway – ugh.

Will you cut a bitch if she shows up to your wedding in a white dress?

She better be escorted out of the wedding before I even see her. Seriously, if you show up to my wedding wearing white then you’re so stupid and you don’t even deserve to be there. If I did see you – I would literally stop the wedding and escort you out myself.

Do you think you two will jump right into having kids or –

No – I’m going to stop you right there, like, you’re not even going to finish that question. We’re going to be married a while and enjoy married life.

Have you ever stolen anything?

YES. Milk and eyelashes. The milk was a random ask – we just walked out the store with it. The eyelashes, well, they cost like $2.75 and I just didn’t feel like paying for them that day.

What is your social media pet peeve?

Over-Facetuning your photo’s. I fuck with a filter but I don’t Facetune.

What has been the most challenging aspect of creating and growing your blog and what advice would you give to anyone who wants to start his or her own blog? 

I think I was lucky because I had genuine inspiration to do my blog. But I think if you have something to say or ideas to share – you should just go ahead and do it. The hardest part of creating a blog is coming up with the name and getting it up but once you have that – it’s easy. The biggest advice I can give to someone is to promote yourself on Twitter. Twitter is a very underrated platform but it can really help you expand your reach.

What do you think makes your style unique?

I feel like I’m classically dressed. My style is unique because I don’t veer away too much from what I know. I stick to what I like.

What was the best style and beauty era?

OMG I would totally live in the 20s. The 70s were fun too but too druggy for me.

Describe every cast member on RKOBH in one word? 

Brendan, amazing. Dorothy, smart. Jonny, funny. EJ, vivacious.

And Roxy?

Roxy? Who’s that?

If you had to get stuck on a deserted island with one cast member, who would it be and why?

Brendan because I’m marrying him and I have sex with him.

Not Dorothy?

I mean, do you think Dorothy and I would survive on a deserted island? No. Brendan is skilled and resourceful so we could actually make it out alive. He could make fires and hunt for food.

What has it been like living your life on camera? 

It’s taken some adjustments but I’ve gotten used to it. I always wanted to do something in front of the camera so this feels natural to me.

And how was it being on “Kocktails with Khloé”?

It was so great. It was a very long shoot process but she’s lovely. We all had a great time and I actually got really drunk.

When you get drunk does your alter ego come out and what is she like? 

My alter ego is just a really heightened version of me. She lives in my head already and she comes out when I’m angry and I’m about to fight with someone.

What do you call her?

She’s like – Mo-Money or Morgan #2.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

I actually drove to Vegas with all my friends two hours after I got my license. My parents were mad at me and I got into trouble but the good kind.

And what’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you?

Getting proposed to on national TV.

What’s something that you never thought would happen to you while filming a reality TV show?

Hello! Getting proposed to on TV and also I never thought I’d be getting married on TV.

How can Brendan top your engagement ring? What does he now get you for birthdays, holidays and special occasions? 

Well I don’t want him to think he’s off the hook because he got me an engagement ring – diamonds are always a good option.

How has the show changed your life?

I feel like my life is the same except I’m busier and I have cool opportunities thrown at me.

Who’s the best celeb you’ve met so far? 

I don’t fan girl over people because that wouldn’t be cool of me but when I was 13, I met LL Cool J and I was so excited.

What’s the best advice anyone has every given you?

“Take the high road.” I’ve trained myself to take the high road and it’s made me a calmer person and helped me to not dwell on the BS. I guess I have a hard time separating and stuff that happens on the show because it is real life – it’s reality.

How difficult is it to separate the show’s drama from your real life? 

I guess I have a hard time separating the stuff that happens on the show because it is real life – it’s reality. Most of the time when we watch something on TV it has happened a couple of weeks or months ago and watching things back causes emotions to be brought back so that’s hard.

What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you?

I’m really sensitive which doesn’t translate onto the show but I take things personally very quickly.

What’s the worst thing a fellow cast member ever did to you and did you take revenge?

Oh, you have to watch for that. I actually can’t tell you because there’s a lot that happens in this coming season so that’s something to watch for.

What irritates you to your core and literally makes you want to punch someone in the face?

Talking on the phone in front of me and having a personal conversation. Like, if I’m in the car with someone and she starts talking to her boyfriend or something and having a personal conversation –I definitely don’t want to hear all your nicknames for each other and stuff like that.

Would you rather go to an Adele or Beyoncé concert?

OMG that’s so hard. Okay, Beyoncé – I don’t want to cry for two and a half hours at an Adele concert.

Are you a big drinker?

I go really hard one night — all or nothing — and then I always have a glass of red wine with diner.

What has been the biggest inspiration for your sports line, Touché LA? 

It just came from my head. I own a lot of work out clothes and took a lot of things that I wanted and put that into my collection. It’s colorful but in muted tones and it’s very cute. It’s like if you want to work out but also street style. For me there’s nothing worse than working out in the morning then having to go home, shower and change – like you can do all your errands in this collection.

Has this always been a dream?

I’m someone who is always creative and to be be able to create so yes, it had been a dream to something like this.

ISLYNYC NecklaceChromat TopMaryMe-JimmyPaul Pants & Stylist’s Own Shoes 

Bodybinds x WXYZ Top, NAC Equipment Fanny Pack & DZOJCHEN Pants 

ISLYNYC Earrings 

Photos by Amber Asaly

Styling by Phil Gomez


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